5 Best Natural Crystals as Candle Holders

5 Best Natural Crystals as Candle Holders

There is a current clamour for alternative medicine. Yoga, acupuncture, and tai chi are just some of the ways to go about it. But the most popular of them all is the use of minerals and crystals, specifically in healing. Many believe that these beautiful gems can amplify and enhance the natural energy of the body. But these have other uses as well.

Crystals are one of the tools used for complementary health methods. Due to decade-long pressure from heat and liquids, these become the minerals we know now. An example of this is a natural crystal candle holder. Most people may disregard candles and where they put them. There is a belief that the after-melting heat has an effect on the holders, which is why crystals are the perfect vessels of the mini waxed torch. Besides being sturdy containers, some believe that several of these crystals are bearers of health and wellness. Amongst them are the following:

Clear Quartz 5 Best Natural Crystals as Candle Holders

Clear Quartz

There are different kinds of quartz with a different purpose for each one. If you are looking for a healing gem, then look no further. A natural crystal candle holder made out of quartz is the perfect one for you. It is an excellent healing rock-crystal that absorbs, amplifies, and regulates energy. It also removes blockages, aids focus, and concentration. Clear quartz is also a balancer of the psyche and wards off negative energy. 

Rose Quartz 5 Best Natural Crystals as Candle Holders

Rose Quartz

The benefits of rose quartz are more on purity and universal love. Relationships are said to be frail. The gem restores harmony, trust, and unconditional affection. It is a heart purifier which promotes inner healing and peace with the self. And if you are grieving, it gives comfort, self-worth, and self-forgiveness. 

The use of rose quartz also strengthens the circulatory system. High blood pressure is managed, alleviates the symptoms of vertigo, and assists in lung problems. Fertility is also boosted, and miscarriages prevented with this mineral.

Amethyst 5 Best Natural Crystals as Candle Holders


Whether it be from bad vibes or accidents, people often need protection. The amethyst is a powerful stone that guards against stress, negativity, any psychic attacks. Headaches and migraines are no more with the help of this mineral. It promotes inner peace and healing by boosting hormone production. 

The gem strengthens the immune system and manages better tissue regeneration. It also relieves the sufferer of emotional, physical, and psychological stress.


The natural obsidian is laced in black, but there are other hues such as mahogany and gold. But regardless of colour, there is a belief that the stone is blessed with purifying and protective properties. It absorbs negative energy in your environment and keeps them away from you. The mind becomes clear, and confusion is no more. It is also said to dissolve age-old traumas and emotional blockages. 

The digestive system also benefits from the obsidian. Its healing asset detoxifies and reduces joint and arthritic pain. 


As with most stones, calcite is also a popular amplifier of energy. It removes negative energies and balances the chakras of a person. It also boosts the memory and the mind of a student, especially one who studies the sciences and arts. This gem improves and cleanses them for better function if you have spleen, kidney, and pancreas problems.  These stones may look beautiful and decorative on your mantle. But when you open your mind to its physical benefits as a candle holder, the advantages to your body and psyche are endless.