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An essay is a small literary work, an essay written in a free literary genre that expresses the author’s opinion or reflections on a particular topic or issue. As a study task in higher education, the essay has been used relatively recently. The main purpose of this type of educational task is to teach students to form and Express a personal attitude or opinion to something. The structure of the essay, unlike the abstract and other educational tasks, is arbitrary. This type of work is mainly written on a specific topic using thoughts (ideas, theses) on the topic and their arguments. The paper can be traced to the presence of a brief introduction and conclusion in the form of a summary, when writing, most often used artistic or popular science style, the text is allowed to display emotion and expressiveness.

The level of the essay is determined by the expression in it of the author’s personality — his worldview, thoughts and feelings. Despite the small volume of the essay, which does not exceed 2-3 pages, its writing causes difficulties associated with the ability not only to study and analyze information, but also to produce and then Express a personal attitude to the subject being studied. We can also note the fact that not every author is strong in this type of work. Essays are well written by authors who already have experience writing and publishing articles, essays, notes in Newspapers and online publications. Our authors are happy to help you write an essay on any topic or discipline.

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