Become a successful blogger without making experience an obstacle!!

Become a successful blogger
Become a successful blogger

Become a successful blogger with no experience


Becoming a successful blogger isn’t a hard task but what you must have in you, is the perfection and dedication. Having experience is not necessary to become a successful blogger, anyone can write a blog and learn more and more day by day. As Success takes some Time, Patience and Dedication, so don’t hesitate and start writing the blog which will not only improve your knowledge but also a good way to earn money. You can do this from your home sitting on your couch so never waste your time as you can gain a lot of money right away from your home.

In this blog let me walk you through some of the interesting things that you need to know to be a successful blogger. These are the steps which biggest writers follow and that you don’t.

Let’s get started!!

Now here I will discuss some points that how to develop perfection in you and become a successful blogger.

#1 The Keynote is Consistency:

Did you know famous writers on internet follow a specific strategy? They write once or twice in a week. This makes their readers predict the release time of their masterpiece.

This prediction does not depend on the single factor of time but it also relies on the major factor which is his writing skill. Yes, people do admire the way a writer conveys the message and that is the key factor that pulls their attention.

For example, some authors follow their own style of writing headings to their posts which their readers predict easily. This denotes the consistency of the author.

#2 Predictable Frequencies:

Most people try to keep themselves updated. Many come in search of such content. And that is why writers maintain a frequency of posting content. Matt Cutts from Google says it is good to publish content frequently.

#3 Build a Clear Distribution Channel:

These days’ social media has become an easy reach out to everyone across the world. It is good to carry your content through most of the social media channels, though it is obvious to maintain on one standard channel like Facebook.

There are many good examples that have generated a very good traffic on Facebook. The other major cause to concentrate on just one channel is, it is easy to maintain followers on one rather on multiple.

At the same time, Matthew Woodward says, “Know Your Audience and Dream Bigger”. The following are the three important things that he follows very strict,

  1. He spends enough amount of time to know his audience.
  2. He is particular about his content.
  3. He is a networker

#4 Understanding and an Engaging Audience are Critical:

Writers who go viral are not that good engagers, but some are exceptional. I have come across writers who understand their audience and try to engage them not as an author to the audience but as a friend to friend manner.

Such authors’ keep their crowd engaged trying to know what they want and how they want. You might have come across a few articles that would have minimal shares but a lot of comments. And that is how a friend – friend interaction would be.

When you notice their content, you wouldn’t find them to be fillers; rather they are actionable and specific. This is the best control of delivering the content.

#5 It is about personalization:

There are bloggers who speak different languages. Many are good at it and they even possess good teaching skills. But all these are not going to bother your audience. It is not about boasting and it is all about you and what you try to achieve.

Some are even good at managing their skills. And that is why people love them. When you come across some sites they provide their readers a tab to choose their comfortable language to obtain information and that is where these authors trigger the whole crowd no matter what their regional language is. This is another way of consistency.

#6 Use Your Blog to Build your Brand:

Do you know some famous writers are not just writers they are heroes for some? People come not only to gain knowledge but some are just fan followers of some writers. It is because these writers have marked their brand on them.

Yes, these writers not only convey their message but they try to engage their audience with some of these,

  • Confidence
  • Look
  • Life Skills

#7 Add on to the Milk:

Don’t you remember the famous saying, “Why do you buy Cow, when you get milk for free”?  Most bloggers believe this to be true and they try to sum up their good content for their paid posts and do not waste them on free posts.

Moreover, the average length of content should reach at least 1000 words. But, many fail to do that.

#8 Wasting Resource on Virality:

This doesn’t relate to social media. But many try to find virality through massive engagement such as mail subscription, and conversion into sales.

As this sounds odd, it is good that you give away content for free and try to know that virality doesn’t come from engaging through all resource that you get. It depends on how you take it to your audience through your content.

#9 Authentic and Personal:

Stories and Blogs that are driven by personal emotions are likely to score more attention than the ones that avoid them. On the other hand making them possibly authentic and transparent for readers could hold them to your blog.

Break the wall between you and the audience. Be more personal beyond your blog. Make sure that you put yourself into the post. Try to share stories that are from deep inside your heart and the things that you faced. This creates a real feeling that people do not get detached.

#10 Break the Content Mould:

Giving away content with a common blog title like “5 steps”, “How to”, “Why is it” doesn’t really matter much. Though they are the ones that most of the audience prefer, try to think out of the box.

Some blogs like, “Agree or Disagree?”; “Always Late?”; “Do you ever?” find its better way among the audience. These are some of the case study terms that really creates a real-world advice that’s proven. Such posts work and they really work.

In last let’s wrap up always try to be relevant, keep updating yourself as well as the blog, keep analyzing traffic and it’s source always interact with readers. Keep improving the weakness. Always be updated on latest search engines like Google, Bing policy updates and updated monetizing policies of your advertiser.

So these are some authentic steps that I have failed to follow once. But later these were driven out of my blogging experiences. I write them to help out my readers to have a better blogging in their future.