Benefits of Having a Live Virtual Receptionist

Benefits of Having a Live Virtual Receptionist

More and more people are moving out of the office and into the virtual environment. This includes office workers, secretaries, and receptionists. Large and small companies are also discovering the benefits of using virtual workers. One of the more popular virtual professions is reception. Virtual receptionists can perform all of the duties an in-house receptionist does and more. There are many benefits to having a live virtual receptionist.

They Save You Money

A virtual receptionist can save you money. Unless you meet clients in your office, you can forgo the expensive office lease rates because all of your calls, messages, and points of contact are forwarded directly to you. You can have one just for you, or you can have one that serves everyone in your business. In some cases, you hire a company to provide you with a virtual receptionist. In some cases, you only pay for the time that they are working directly for you and not for the whole day.

They Add to Your Professionalism

When your clients make a call, and your receptionist is busy doing other things, that call goes to voicemail. Most customers prefer to speak with a live person rather than leave a message during business hours. They may even choose a competitor over you because they do not feel like they’ve been heard when leaving a message. With a virtual receptionist, your clients get a live voice answering your phones. Virtual receptionists are always available.

They Free Up Your Assistant

If you have an assistant or secretary, they usually answer your phone for you. With a virtual receptionist, they do not have to be stuck by the phone. They can be working on other projects or client contacts instead of spending endless hours screening calls and taking messages.

They Can Give You Support After Hours

In a world market, you cannot afford to miss a message that comes in at 5:02 p.m. With a virtual receptionist, your calls are screened no matter what time they come in. Many receptionists work odd hours. You can set up a list of criteria, so you never miss an important message from a client. You can be sure that all of your most important calls are routed to where you are immediately.

They Offer Variable Pricing

Variable pricing allows you to choose how, when, and what you pay. Most virtual assistant plans offer a per-minute rate, a per-call rate, monthly rates, hourly rates, and different service tiers for each of their pricing plans. You can find the pricing and plan to fit your needs and your budget.

They Can Route Calls Anywhere

If your business has different departments, the receptionist can route calls to any person in any department. You don’t have to worry about giving out an extension because a live person will answer your client’s call and route it to the correct place. Your departments don’t have to be in the same building or even in the same state or country. They can route to mobile phones or your office landline depending on what preferences you set.

They Can Field Your Calls

You do not have to be interrupted by the phone constantly on busy days. You can set parameters for the calls that you want. This saves you and your staff time. Your virtual representative can answer most inquiry calls or simple questions. More important calls or calls you are expecting are routed directly to you. This avoids missing important messages until later or missing an important client’s call.

They Often Speak More Than One Language

Your business can easily become multilingual. You can specifically request bilingual receptionists. Some of these receptionists also work as translators if necessary. You can speak with clients in other languages or simply offer language solutions to your overseas clients.

They Can Help Your Image

A friendly live person answering your phones gives your business a more personal touch. With the age of robocalling and recorded voices asking your client to pick options, a live person who can transfer their call is a welcome change of pace.

A receptionist that is working from home can provide all of the services a traditional receptionist and more. Hiring one is not difficult and can save you both time and money in both the short and long-term.

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