Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Mouse stopped working

Computer Mouse not working in windows properly? Use this guide

  There can be various Issues which may lead to this problem of the mouse not working properly in windows system. This article covers most...
laptop keyboard is not working? Troubleshoot Now !!, accidently disabled keyboard

Laptop keyboard not working? Troubleshoot Now !!

Some of the common laptop keyboard problems could be: The laptop keyboard not working, keyboard keys not working, or laptop keyboard locked -get all...
your computer is low on memory

Your computer is low on memory windows 10 or any OS?...

Your computer is low on memory? or it's showing the errors like "computer is on low memory" or "system is on low memory" ?? It's...
Add domain to hosting

Add domain to hosting – how to host a website

If you want to add domain to hosting and don't know how to do? Then this article "how to host a website" is especially for...