What is the Cost of Alcoholism?

What is the Cost of Alcoholism

Addiction can cost you many things, especially alcoholism. In addition to damaging your health, and your relationships, alcoholism can also put a big dent in your bank account. Let’s take a look at some of the ways Alcohol can cost you money, both in the short run, and long run.

The Price of Drinking

The first way alcohol costs you money is perhaps the most obviously: you have to pay for it. While beer may seem cheap at first, it certainly adds up very quickly if you’re drinking regularly. Other forms of alcohol such as liquor and wine can be even more expensive, prompting you to spend a larger sum to get your fix. One of the main benefits of quitting alcohol is that you begin to immediately save money since you don’t have to constantly buy it anymore.

Healthcare is Expensive

If you live in the US then you’re probably well aware of the fact that health problems are pricey, and that your insurance company isn’t going to cover it all. It should then come as no surprise that the health problems caused by alcohol can take their toll on your bank account very quickly. From simple issues such as vitamin deficiencies, to life threatening problems like liver failure, the price of alcohol is much more than what you pay at the store.

Work Performance

Who’s more likely to get a raise at work; someone who misses days and slacks off due to alcohol abuse, or someone who does their job right? Not only can alcoholism lead to missed opportunities at work that could get you a larger income, it can also lead to you being fired if your vice interferes with your job performance too much. While being a “functioning alcoholic” may seem safe, you likely won’t notice the problems at your workplace until its too late.

The Financial Devastation of Divorce

Financial Devastation of Divorce alcholism

Yes, sometimes alcoholism can even lead to divorce. In addition to having your family torn apart, you can lose out big financially as well. Your spouse may be entitled to taking a large portion of your assets, including your home, vehicles, and even your pets. This is on top of the fact that you may be ordered to pay alimony as well in some cases, further putting you in a financial hole that can be hard to dig your way out of.

Bad Spending Decisions

Let’s face it, when you’re intoxicated you don’t make the best decisions, and this defiantly applies to money spending decision as well. While you probably aren’t making major life changing decisions while drunk, there is a good chance you’re doing things like ordering pizza, ordering additional servings at a restaurant/bar, or making bets with friends. Even before you begin drinking you may spend extra on snacks and junk food, wasting even more money on things you don’t need. Spending less on alcohol can led to spending less in general making it a good idea to get your drinking under control as soon as possible.

Knowing When You Have Problem

The first step to beating alcoholism, and saving money in the process, is to recognize that you have a problem. Take a moment to think about how much money you spend per month in relation to your drinking habit, it’s probably more than you would think. The road to recovery begins now, and a quick Google search for keywords like “Naples AA” can help you find a treatment facility that can help you get your drinking habits under control. Remember, the cost of rehab is nothing compared to the cost of alcoholism in the long run.