Energy meditation, breathing help vital life force

Energy meditation, breathing help vital life force

Vital life force is the energy meditation that keeps humans alive. Also called Prana or chi, it’s believed that this subtle life force energy flows in humans via channels called meridians or nadis.

The “Father of Modern Medicine,” the Greek physician Hippocrates, recognized the existence of an invisible life force and believed that the role of a physician is to merely aid the life force, self-heal the body.

There are many energy meditation methods one can employ to enable a smooth flow of vital life force balanced energy in the body, including specific breathing techniques, energy healing techniques and leading a stress free life-style.

Breathing Exercises like Pranayama Help Vital Life Force Flow Without Blockages

“Prana” means life force. “Yama” means control. “Pranayama” is a process of controlled breathing that promotes physical health, mental agility and spiritual well-being. Hindus believe that the number of years a person lives is directly related to the depth of one’s breath. According to yoga scriptures, people that breathe quick and shallow live a shorter life compared to those who breathe deeper and slower.

Hindu scriptures quote examples from the animal world to substantiate the theory of breathing and longevity. Tortoises, snakes have a slower rate of breathing and have a longer lifespan. Dogs, birds have a faster breathing rate and have a comparatively short life span. The practice of pranayama to regulate the subtle energy field in the body is said to positively affect the entire body including the circulatory, glandular, nervous systems.

Balanced Energy Healing Techniques like Reiki Work on Pranic Energy in Body

Energy meditation healing techniques like reiki and pranic healing help release blockages at the balanced energy centers or chakras. When the blocks to the balanced energy centers are released, the flow of vital life force via the meridians or nadis is unfettered.

Other Energy Meditation Practices that Help Flow of Chi in Human Body

Colleen Deatsman, in her book, Energy For Life, mentions that practicing meditation in nature is a great way to feel energized because nature is a perfect expression of the universal life force. Nature is a renewable ecosystem because of its life force energy. People feel renewed and replenished after a day in the garden, beach, woods or park.

Besides energy meditation breathing exercises and forms of energy healing, physical movement like Yoga, Tai chi and Qi Gong also help the unfettered flow of the chi in the body. There are many choices to boost one’s vital force and adopting any of these methods can aid in sustaining a healthy body and an alert mind.

Wiccan Practice – What is an Aura?

The colors of an aura can change as a person’s feelings, emotions, or mood changes, or if a person’s health or state of well-being is altered. Different moods or states of health create different frequencies of energy and vibrations, thereby producing different colors.

Auric Colors and Their Meaning

The colors of an aura can be used to determine a person’s mood or overall energy. The following is an overview of the various colors of the aura and their meaning.

Gold – A person with a gold aura is a very lucky individual. Whatever other colors are in the aura, this person still has an extra sprinkle of good luck.

Black – This color in a person’s aura is very negative. It could signify that the person have a very bad attitude, has done something terrible in their life, or it could signal a serious problem with the person’s health.

White – This is the color of innocence and purity. It is also the color of a very spiritual person, possibly a psychic, a medium, or a healer. A person with a white aura is usually a very sensitive, compassionate person.

Grey – Someone with a grey aura is in a state of transition. A change is happening in their life; one door is closing and another is opening.

Brown – This color signifies a grounded, earthy, well-organized individual. They may not be creative or imaginative, but they know exactly what they are doing.

Red – A person with a red aura is very headstrong, strong-willed and determined. They are likely to succeed in any ventures or opportunities. But it is also a warning color, to warn of anger and aggression.

Orange – This color in a person’s aura shows that the person has lots of warmth and empathy. They can understand others well, and are very caring and nurturing.

Yellow – This color signifies a happy, cheerful person. Possibly and slightly naive, gullible person, but with a very positive attitude.

Green – An individual with green in their aura is patient and will not give up on things. They are tenacious and usually quite successful and business minded.

Blue – This color shows that the person is very deep. They are very emotional and sensitive, they wear their heart on their sleeve, and can influence others easily.

Indigo, Violet, or Purple – These are magic, mysterious colors. They are found in the auras of magical, mystical, or psychic people.

In auric healing, healers study a person’s aura (or odic force) to determine any problems, with health or otherwise. Then they try to re-balance the colors of the aura. e.g. if a person’s aura was very deep blue and the person kept shivering, the healer would concentrate on red energy entering that person.

How to See or Feel an Aura

Most people need to practice to be able to see auras, but some people just have the “gift” and can see them automatically. To practice, have someone stand in front of a plain background facing you. Look at their third eye (between their eyebrows) and squint slightly, you will start to see the aura around the person’s head and then gradually making its way around the rest of their body.

If you look directly at the aura, you will lose focus on it and will not be able to see it. If you cannot see the aura at all, try again with the person standing against a different colored background (either black or white is best).

Some people prefer to feel an aura. To do this place they place the palms of their hands about 2 inches from the person’s skin and slowly move them in and out. They should feel a sense of slight resistance, or warmth, which is the outer edge of the aura.

The aura surrounding a living being, is a field of electromagnetic energy, which changes color depending on the mood and health of the person.