Exploring the Best AI Video Generation Platforms of 2023

Exploring the Best AI Video Generation Platforms of 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various aspects of technology, including video generation. While AI chatbots and language models have garnered attention, text-to-video AI models have also emerged as powerful tools. In this article titled “Exploring the Best AI Video Generation Platforms of 2023”, we delve into the realm of AI video generation and present a list of the best AI video generators in 2023.

Runway Gen-2

Runway Gen-2 stands out as a leading AI video generator, earning the title of the best in its field. Its text-based prompt system empowers users to vividly describe scenes and camera angles, resulting in the creation of remarkable videos from scratch. The inclusion of images in the video production process further enhances its capabilities and appeal. One of the notable advantages of Runway Gen-2 is its free usage option, enabling users to generate up to 4 seconds of videos in 720p resolution. For those seeking higher quality, a paid plan offers the opportunity to export videos in 4K resolution, while still maintaining the 4-second duration. With its impressive features, Runway Gen-2 is a compelling choice for anyone interested in exploring the potential of AI video generation.

Runway Gen-2 takes the top position among AI video generators due to its text-based prompt system, which allows users to describe scenes and camera angles to create captivating videos. The capability to incorporate images further enhances its appeal. The availability of free usage, providing the ability to generate 4 seconds of videos in 720p resolution, makes it accessible to a wide range of users. For those seeking higher resolution, a paid plan allows for 4K video exports while maintaining the same 4-second duration. With its innovative features, Runway Gen-2 stands out as a powerful tool for those interested in harnessing the possibilities of AI video generation.


ModelScope, funded by Alibaba’s DAMO Vision Intelligence Lab, emerges as a notable text-to-video model with its extensive training on 1.7 billion parameters. While its support is currently limited to English input, it excels in generating videos that accurately match the provided text prompts. The availability of ModelScope on the Hugging Face platform allows users to explore its potential as a video generation tool. However, it’s important to note that ModelScope does have some limitations, including a maximum video duration of 2 seconds and the presence of a “Shutterstock” watermark on the generated videos. Despite these constraints, ModelScope shows promise and signifies a significant step forward in the field of AI-driven video generation.

ModelScope, developed by Alibaba’s DAMO Vision Intelligence Lab, showcases its capabilities as a text-to-video model trained on an extensive dataset of 1.7 billion parameters. While its current support is limited to English input, it excels in producing videos that align seamlessly with the provided text prompts. Available on the Hugging Face platform, ModelScope offers users the opportunity to explore its potential. Although it has constraints such as a maximum video duration of 2 seconds and a watermark, ModelScope represents a noteworthy advancement in the realm of AI-powered video generation.


Zeroscope, a derivative of ModelScope, stands out as an exceptional AI video generator known for its production of high-quality videos in 1024 x 576 resolution. Leveraging a combination of ModeScope weights and additional training data, Zeroscope demonstrates enhanced output quality compared to its predecessor. By offering distinct models for video generation and upscaling, Zeroscope provides users with a versatile platform to explore its capabilities on the Hugging Face platform.

Powered by the expertise derived from ModelScope, Zeroscope employs its training on ModeScope weights along with an extensive dataset comprising 9,923 clips and 29,769 tagged frames at a resolution of 1024 x 576. This comprehensive training enables Zeroscope to deliver outputs that showcase superior visual fidelity. With its dedicated models, namely zeroscope_v2_576w for video generation and zeroscope_v2_XL for upscaling, users have the opportunity to create and enhance AI-generated videos. To experience the capabilities of Zeroscope firsthand, users can visit the Hugging Face platform and explore its demo, gaining insights into its potential and the impressive results it can achieve.


VideoCrafter, developed by Tencent, stands out as an AI toolkit specifically designed for video creation based on text prompts. What sets VideoCrafter apart from other models is its support for longer video durations, allowing users to generate videos of up to 8 seconds in length. Additionally, VideoCrafter provides users with options for different resolutions, offering greater flexibility in video output. With its diverse range of features, VideoCrafter enables users to explore three different modes: text-to-video generation, personalized AI video generation using LoRA, and controllable video generation. These modes empower users to create AI-generated videos from scratch, tailoring their content according to their specific needs and preferences.

While local usage of VideoCrafter requires a powerful GPU with at least 7GB VRAM, an online Hugging Face demo is available to provide users with a convenient way to experience VideoCrafter’s capabilities. The demo allows users to explore the various features and functionalities of VideoCrafter without the need for extensive hardware resources. With VideoCrafter, users can unleash their creativity, leveraging the power of AI to create professional-quality videos effortlessly. Whether users are looking to produce text-to-video content, personalize AI-generated videos, or exercise precise control over their video creation process, VideoCrafter offers a comprehensive toolkit to fulfill their video production needs.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized video generation, and in 2023, the best AI video generators offer impressive capabilities. Runway Gen-2 stands out with its text-based prompt system and image incorporation, providing free usage and the option for 4K video exports. ModelScope, funded by Alibaba’s DAMO Vision Intelligence Lab, demonstrates accurate video generation based on text prompts, while Zeroscope, derived from ModelScope, excels in producing high-quality videos. VideoCrafter by Tencent supports longer video durations and different resolutions, offering three modes for personalized AI video generation. These AI video generators showcase the potential of AI in transforming content creation and providing innovative tools for video production.