Five main Blog Writing Trends of 2020

Five main Blog Writing Trends of 2020

Statistics show that close to half of the people online read blogs, and in 2020, this number might even increase!

Isn’t this mind-blowing? As a blogger, it means that there are always readers out there waiting for your content. All you have to do is target them with excellent quality content.

As a blogger, you should have an effective online marketing strategy because, without one, you’ll be writing in vain. People visit the internet with a definite purpose, and if you don’t fit in it, you won’t get their attention.

It seems like everyone has a lot on their plate, and the last thing they’ll do is waste time on a blog that doesn’t try to be relevant.

You need to stay abreast of the latest writing trends so that you tailor your content to suit your audience. Since 2020 is already here with us, it means the blogging scene will experience a shift.

No matter how small the change will be, make sure you’re part of it. This way, you can keep up with your audience’s ever-changing attention span.

Are you ready to learn about 2020’s writing trends? Then let’s dive in!

1.     Long-Form Content

The optimal length for blog posts used to be 1,000 words, but this trend is dying out. People today appreciate long-form content because it offers them solutions in a comprehensive manner.

People can read articles as long as 7,000 because they want to be over and done with a problem. Long-form articles prevent people from leaving issues halfway done because they didn’t find the information they needed all at once.

You need to adapt to this new trend and make sure each article you publish on your blog is a valuable material. This also benefits your blog because such articles keep readers on the page for longer.

2.     Investing Time in Producing Content

Initially, bloggers were keen on regularly posting content on their blog, and this meant spending little time on producing content. In 2020, we’ll see brands spending more time on content production to make sure that they only deliver quality.

This goes hand in hand with long-form content because you cannot possibly write a 7,000-word article in 24 hours and expect it to be of excellent quality.

As a student, you should purchase essays online if you don’t have time to write an article. This way, you get enough time to work on your blog posts.

As a brand, you need to conduct enough research to make sure you’re not publishing hearsay. Poor research can hurt your brand image because you can easily publish false information.

3.     Snippet Reads

You should make use of snippet reads when sharing content on social media platforms. Giving readers a snippet of your article helps them determine if clicking on the link is worthwhile.

This takes guessing out of the whole thing, and it increases traffic to your site. If you deliver quality, people are bound to visit your site.

4.     High Frequency

Even though you should take your time while creating content, this does not mean that you should post articles once every month. High frequency ensures that you keep your readers coming back for more. If you stay too long without publishing an article, readers are likely to forget you exist. Remember, there are so many other blogs readers can turn to for the same information you offer.

5.     Guest Posting

Bloggers have realized that they can highly benefit from guest posting. You need to find highly-reputable blogs to submit guest posts to.

Be sure to include a link to your site so that you can direct the host’s audience to your site.

Since guest posting is two-way traffic, find a non-competitive site to help you get more traffic to your site. You too get to do the same for them.


Keeping up with the latest trends ensures that you achieve success as a blogger. Make sure you deliver excellent quality to keep readers coming back for more. People have a short attention span, which means they’ll likely hit the back button if you don’t deliver relevant content.