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Learn How to get paid for blogging: Get paid to blog


Recent days I have noticed blogging has become everyone’s passion. Many try to know how it works and many fail to know how it actually does. There are many bloggers around and only a few are valued. Do you know How do bloggers get paid to blog??

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It is because they value what they do. Are you a budding blogger who wish to know more about blogging? Then here you go! This blog not only helps you to know what blogging is but also helps you to make money out of blogging.

Get paid to blog
How do bloggers make money

Are you ready?

Let’s Get Started!!

Even when I started, I had a lot of questions in my mind: “How to start blogging?”; “What are the ways to be a successful blogger?” and there were much more running in my mind. All I did is “RESEARCH” I kept digging and digging and digging to know what actually blogging is? And now I have become a successful blogger.

Let me walk you through the initiatives that I have done in my beginning stage and know the secrets of how do bloggers make money and get paid to blog.

Here are some tips and techniques by which you can also increase your monthly income from your blogs and maximize your income from the internet.

How Did I Start Blogging?

When I once started with what am actually into, I had no clear idea. Moreover, I had no space online nor had technical knowledge. So I just started it as my part time which later grew to be my full-time profession.

Do you know “Blogs Pay?”

YES! Indeed they paid me all these days.

But you need to wait until your turn comes in the market. Till then blog and keep blogging until you obtain some trust among your readers.

How do bloggers make money and get paid to blog?

Many have started to make money through blogging and are not the one apart. So, let me walk you through, “How to get paid for Blogging?”

Some of the common steps that most of the bloggers follow these days are:

Create your own blog, Make informative unique content, Just step out and find your readers, Try to engage your readers, And now Start earning through:

  • Various ad networks like Adsense, Media.net, Infolinks etc.
  • Earn through Affiliate marketing, get affiliate links from Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues etc.
  • Promote your Own products, E-books, Tutorials, And any services you can provide.
  • Sell Paid postings.


#1 Create a Blog:

Many that come in a motive to blog get held up here. Because they fail to know that owning a blog is really important. Don’t panic that was my case too.

If you need some help, I could help you with it. Owning a blog is not a real big task. You could do it just like that. These days there are a lot of free platforms that help to get started in few steps.

Some of the subscription-free platforms are,

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr

NOTE: If you want to monetize your blog by any of Ad networks then don’t use any free platform always use paid-hosting and premium domains.

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#2 Generate Informative Unique Content:

A blog is all about content. If you wish to create a blog and to obtain something greater, then you need to generate something unique and informative to your readers. The Keynote is “USEFUL”. People come in search of things that benefit them some or the other way. If you are the one who is providing them, then they stick to you.

Whenever you sit to write, make enough research on the respective topic that you try to carry to your audience. At the same time, you should sound unique. As there are many who are writers these days, and all of them write on topics that are currently trending. So there are chances of carrying the same information. So it is good that you provide your audience something different and informative. At recent days there are many sources to gather information that is required. All you need is enough patience to gather them all for your audience.

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#3 Step Out and Find Your Readers:

The biggest effort you take to create content becomes fulfilled only when it is taken to the right audience. Many bloggers have misunderstood that, “Build quality content and that will bring audience”. But that is not the actual fact.

If you need to make money out of blogging then you need to do something more. It is not just creating a healthy content, but it also depends on how you promote the content to your audience.

There is not just one way to create or develop your audience rather, there are several ways to create them. But you should get into all of the strategies with one thought that you are not just building traffic but you are gathering your readers.

You should decide the type of reader you need to have for your blog.  You should be a different creator or the maker of your blog that gathers you a specific set of audience.

Once you understand the type of audience you need to have, tried to know whether the person is already trying to collect the same piece of information online. List them out with the following set of questions:

  • Are they reading the specific blogs? List the top 3
  • Are they a part of forum posting? List the top 3
  • Are they podcast listeners? List the top 3
  • Are they part of a specific social network? List the top 3

In each of these places, your readers should be trying to collect information that has given them opportunities to comment, guest post and simply being helpful in answering questions.

With these set of podcasts, blogs, social media accounts on your side you get a chance of creating a value.

The keynote is adding up value and not to engage with spammed practices.


#4 Engage Your Readers:

When you are so much into creating valuable content and finding the right audience you need, you could definitely watch the difference on the visitor’s scale. At this very note you need to build a community with the ones who are visiting your blog often.

You could keep them engaged by reverting to their comments and even engaging them personally to create all possible ways to bring them back to your blog.

You need to take care of your readers and they will help you share your content widely among their circle. Creating a community of your readers is also the biggest advantage towards making money.

#5 Start earning through your readers in various streams and get paid to blog:

Now, the above mentioned four points are really important to get on the foundation before you could build a long-term earning out of your blog.

I know it is quite a big task to proceed, yet when accomplished in a right way you could find the best chance to set yourself high and make a lot of earning through blogging.

On implementing these strategies in your blogging you find all possible ways to get paid to blog but you need to be aware that making good content, finding your audience and engaging them alone is not going to help you around.

It takes a lot of practices and energy to make money out of your blog and get paid to blog.

Do you wish to practice them all? Then get started. It is no later, you are already into it. All you need to do is just fix it up with your old blogging style. Or if you are just starting by now, implement these strategies and find the greatest output from your blog. Have I missed one? Let me know through your valuable comments. You are all set. Happy blogging.

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