Healing Circles: Good or Bad

Healing Circles

There’s really something to be said for the powerful healing that can happen in a group: when the energy is good, real synergy can emerge and powerful change can take place. Circles can also be one of the most hurtful kinds of energy work. Good boundaries, awareness, and trusting your instincts are paramount if you are considering working with a coven, energy medicine circle, or other healing group.

Why Do Energy Work With a Group?

The benefits of doing reiki, energy medicine, prayer or other energy work in a group are twofold:

  1. The feeling of connection, community and shared consciousness that is created in a purposeful group is like nothing else. There is power and beauty in working prayer, meditation, or energy work with other people – but keep in mind that this is only true in a balanced, healthy group of like-minded people.
  2. A synergistic group can raise more energy and affect change on a larger area – like a whole city – or on a greater scale, such as having a noticeable impact on a tumor, illness, or other health problem. Dowsers and meditation groups often find that their influence is expanded by working together. Likewise, those who practice reiki or energy medicine may have greater results when working as a team or as part of a healing circle.

The Hazards of an Imbalanced Group

The trouble is that not all energy groups or prayer circles are healthy or effective. The healing arts attract not only those who wish to heal themselves and others in the best way they can; many spiritual seekers strive for a balance they haven’t yet achieved, and this can manifest in messy or harmful ways in groups.

People working out their own issues with power and control, or with traumatic experiences in their past, may try to latch on to members of a coven, healing circle, or prayer group and act out their own problems on others. This can distract others from the circle, or it may feel like an imposition, an annoyance, or a sense of threatening energy during rituals or prayer.

For this reason, there are some sensible precautions to take when choosing or working with any kind of healing circle.

Three Things to Look For When Choosing a Circle or Healing Group

  1. Get a recommendation from another light worker, a teacher or a like-minded friend. If a particular coven, circle, or meditation group comes recommended by someone you trust, you stand a better chance of finding a safe space to learn, heal, and grow.
  2. Larger groups, in general, mean messier power dynamics. Small, intimate circles are usually the most balanced. They also offer the greatest opportunity to get to know fellow members and create bonds of trust and caring that will strengthen any energetic or spiritual connection made as part of a ritual, prayer, or energy raising.
  3. Trust your instincts! If you don’t feel safe or comfortable in the group, chances are that you’re not. Even if your concerns are all in your imagination, they can affect your experience and hinder your ability to open up. The experience has to feel right to you, or it won’t be right. Don’t let anyone convince you to do anything unless you’re completely comfortable with it. Trust your gut, that little voice in your head, and your emotions: the heart of your spiritual life.

Crystal Meditation

Since ancient times, crystals were thought to have some kind of power. For believers in the lost continent of Atlantis, crystals were supposedly used a major power source. In the early days of mankind, crystals were thought to be able to ward off sorcery, disease, and even bad luck.

During the middle ages, crystals were worn as jewelry and breastplates. It was believed that the crystals would be able to keep away the dreaded plague. They were even used for medicinal purposes when grounded up. In modern times, they are believed to have healing, energy, and psychic powers. One way to harness the energy of a crystal is through meditation.

Meditation Crystal

When looking for a crystal, allow for intuition to kick in. Is there one that seems to stand out? Do you feel drawn to this particular crystal? If so, take the crystal and hold it in your hands. With eyes closed, take some deep, quieting breaths and try a mini-meditation to see if there appears to be a flow of energy with the crystal. If there does seem to be energy flowing through the crystal, then the right one has been found.

Crystal Mediation

Once a crystal has been chosen, it’s time to use it for meditation. Before beginning, take a good look at the crystal. Try to memorize what it looks like including its shape and color. While holding the crystal with both hands, allow the eyes to close and slow meditative breathing to begin. Focus on the crystal and try to feel its energy.

Crystal Energy Healing

As energy from the crystal begins to flow through the body, send that energy to a part of the body that needs healing. Envision that energy getting rid of anything negative, while positive energy comes through. See this energy as a bright white or golden light. Think of the purity of the crystal and its energy while thinking of the purity of its healing properties.

Psychic Crystal

If using a crystal for psychic development, view the crystal as a way to open up the third eye or what is known as the psychic chakra. Meditate on the crystal and see it as bringing clarity and intuition. Don’t know what a chakra is? It is believed that chakras are energy centers located throughout the body. More information on the third eye or psychic chakra can be found in the article Psychic Meditation on the Third Eye or Brow Chakra.

Throughout the history of mankind, crystals have been believed to have many powers. Used for meditation, the energy from crystals can supposedly aid in healing, along with allowing for developing psychic abilities.