Homemade skincare – anti-aging skincare ingredients

Homemade skin care - anti-aging skincare ingredients

The most prominent signs of aging skin are lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and dark spots. Aging skin can be caused by sun exposure, skin damage and changes in the connective tissue affecting firmness, strength and elasticity.

Today, the skin faces the additional attack of toxic ingredients contained in many commercial skincare products. These ingredients may even cause additional skin problems like dryness, skin congestion and redness. The body’s toxic load is also affected by pollution, toxins and pesticides on foods in the diet which compromise health. These toxins may be released through the skin causing skin breakouts, rashes and more damage. Experts agree the best anti-aging skincare regimen is an “inside-outside” approach.

Control Ingredients and Customize Anti-aging Skin Care Recipes

The skin is the largest organ of the body and it literally drinks in just about everything that is applied to it. Making homemade anti-aging skincare products is a long-held beauty tradition where the creator/user can control the ingredients and customize the anti-aging skincare recipe. Organic foods, herbs and essential oils are excellent ingredients for homemade, natural anti-aging skincare cleansers, masks, toners and lotions.

Keeping the Skin Soft, Smooth, Supple and Young – An Age-old Challenge

Throughout history, women have experimented with natural skincare – from mudpacks to rosemary to olive oil – recipes were created to encourage beautiful skin. In an old book Household Guide, Family Receipts by Professor B.G. Jefferis, which was published in 1897, there are skincare recipes that include apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, oatmeal, egg and potato. The following poem leads to the chapter How to Obtain and Preserve a Beautiful Complexion:

Why tinge the cheek of youth? the snowy neck

Why load with jewels? why anoint the hair?

Oh, lady, scorn these arts; but richly deck

Thy soul with virtues: thus for love prepare?

Lo, with what vermil tints the apple blooms.

Say, does the rose the painter’s hand require?

Away, then, with cosmetics and perfumes.

The charms of nature most excite desire.

The chapter continues with the following tips: “High living and late hours will destroy the most beautiful complexion. The great secret to acquiring a bright, beautiful skin is temperance, exercise and cleanliness.”

Food, Herbs and Essential Oils – Ingredients for Homemade Anti-Aging Skin Care Recipes

Foods, herbs and essential oils are complex and have many beneficial properties to treat different skin conditions. Here are some that are specific to anti-aging skin care:

  • Egg whites – helps create a tightening effect and draws out toxins (add yolk for extra Vitamin E)
  • Honey – hydrates, has antibiotic properties and holds the recipe together
  • Apple – balances pH, exfoliates, smoothes skin and helps reduce brown spots
  • Tomato – exfoliates, balances pH, protects skin from sun damage, fights free radicals and helps other ingredients to penetrate the skin
  • Chocolate – smoothes wrinkles, moisturizes skin and stimulates circulation
  • Milk – exfoliates and lightens skin, helps rejuvenate collagen production
  • Yogurt – calms skin, soothes irritation and hydrates
  • Carrot – rejuvenates deeper layers and builds elasticity
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – balances pH, reduces redness and irritation
  • Lemon – exfoliates by reducing the glue that causes dead skin cells that stick to the skin
  • Banana – hydrates, nourishes and neutralizes acidity on the skin
  • Potato – helps to treat acne, relieves dark or puffy circles, reduces swelling and removes excess oil
  • Oatmeal – exfoliates, attracts moisture and reduces skin irritation, and helps bind ingredients in a recipe
  • Seaweed – draws out toxins, and feeds and plumps the skin
  • Avocado – moisturizes and feeds the skin with healthy fats

Herbs for Homemade Anti-Aging Skin Care Recipes

  • Aloe Vera – regenerates skin cells, draws out toxins, decreases inflammation and redness
  • Elder Flowers – softens and whitens the skin; helps reduce wrinkles and fade freckles
  • Chamomile – helps soften and reduce oiliness
  • Marshmallow Root – softens dry skin and soothes sunburn
  • Eyebright – soothes and smoothes skin around eyes
  • Horsetail – tones, firms and helps reduce swelling of eyelids
  • Nettle – stimulates circulation and reduces dark circles

Essential Oils for Homemade Anti-Aging Skin Care Recipes

  • Fennel – increases the elasticity of the connective tissues of the skin; tightens, tones and reduces wrinkles
  • Lavender – soothes skin and accelerates the generation of new skin cells
  • Myrrh – smoothes wrinkles and tones skin
  • Neroli – improves skin elasticity and helps regenerate skin cells
  • Rose – excellent for dry skin and wrinkles
  • Carrot Seed – has regenerating and toning effects and excellent for mature skin

Most ingredients are inexpensive to buy. Remember that homemade anti-aging skincare products do not contain preservative chemicals and fresh batches need to be made often.