The Best 3DS Emulator : Nintendo 3ds Emulator With 10 Best Option

Nintendo 3ds Emulator
Nintendo 3ds Emulator


The Nintendo 3ds Emulator is exclusively used to download and install the Nintendo 3D game on Android or PC. It was launched in Japan and globally on 26th Feb 2011. In very short span of time the game became more famous across the globe. And that became the reason to cut down the cost of the application in less than 6 months.

In this post let us have a look at famous 3DS emulators and how to get them on Android, MAC, and Linux.

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Best Nintendo Emulators for Android:

Among various gaming consoles, Nintendo 3Ds emulator seems to be the best and the popular one that most people use for their Android devices. Now let us check some of the best Nintendo 3ds emulators.

# 1. Citra Nintendo 3ds:

Citra Nintendo 3DS is the best Nintendo emulator that works well on PC, MAC, and Linux. It is an open source and you could definitely try them. This emulator is free of bugs and is stable. Developers are trying to improve it more. And that is why the emulator seems more effective than any other, emulators. The emulator requires a 64bit and OpenGL 3.3 version or more to run smooth.

You get some interesting links to work on Citra Nintendo 3DS. Added there are some of the pre-loaded 3D games. The emulator provides flexibility to work on different platforms. If you are someone who always enjoys playing 3D games in any of your devices then 3DS emulator would be the best choice. The special aspect is you need not pay for any games here on 3DS emulators.

Notwithstanding introducing, QtIFW additionally gives usefulness to refreshing by means of the maintenance tool utility. For accommodation, this is coordinated into the Qt frontend (The primary GUI that you most likely use.) as booked programmed refreshes. You can alternatively check for refreshes on startup and additionally check for refreshes on shutdown.

In the event that a refresh is found at shutdown, Citra will noiselessly refresh without provoking, in light of the fact that now imitating has just been ended.

You can likewise physically refresh your Citra establishment whenever by setting off to the Help menu and after that check for Updates.

Get Citra Nintendo 3DS Here

# 2. AseDS:

AseDS is also a free Nintendo emulator which is available in Play store for free. It provides a fabulous feature of using dual touchscreen interface. It helps you to save the game and load at any time without the fear of losing it.

You can connect any external wireless devices to it. Added there are some exciting options which include custom buttons, frame skipping, and flicker reduction etc. It is the best emulator available on Android and that you could get it downloaded to play your interesting 3D games on your Android devices for free.

The Following are some of the features of AseDS:

  • Gameshark/ CodeBreaker/ ActionReplay cheats
  • Auto-rotate any orientation
  • Stretch to fit screen or any aspect ratio
  • Supports device microphones

Click to Download AseDS Emulator

# 3. DeSmuMe:

The very first emulator for Windows PC was DeSmuMe. This emulator runs commercial games at free of cost. The user Orphic have created a build service which is automated for creating nightly builds. All it requires is,

  • Windows: XP SP2 or later
  • OS X: v10.5.8 Leopard or later
  • Linux OS: any recent distribution with a 2.6 kernel
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
  • RAM: 1 GB

Desmume has ported to other systems which include the proof of concept port to PlayStation Portable. This proves that successfully running Nintendo Software on a PSP is available.

Click here to Download DeSmuMe

# 4. Neon DS:

Neon DS is one of the Nintendo Emulator and it works on any Windows platform. It already works well on few commercial games. It is a compatible and good emulator. You could this for free of cost from In order to use this emulator, you need to download it double click on the “NeonDS.exe” file to run NeonDS.

Single click on the File menu available on the top line menu. And click the open option from the context menu. Locate the Nintendo DS ROM file and locate the file nds extension. Wait until the file is ready, a video Nintendo DS game will appear. You could make use of the computer keyboard and mouse on navigate through and lower the screen. This acts as the touchscreen facility.

Click here to Download Neon Ds From Softonic

# 5. Ultimate x3Dsx Gold:

Ultimate x3Dsx Gold is one of the fastest and popular Nintendo 3Ds emulators that gives you access to play 3Ds game on your Android device. The best thing about these emulators is that you could make use of external wireless controllers and all functionalities. And Gyro works fine with this emulator.

This emulator seems to be one of the best due to its functionality and features that every gamer wants. Get Ultimate x3Dsx from Google Play Store

# 6. My Boy! Free – GBA Emulator:

My Boy is also a popular and best free Ds emulator. It is available in Google Play store. This emulator is capable of accessing link cable emulation. The best feature of this emulator is that it could run all Nintendo 3Ds games on all android devices. The trial version comes with interrupting ads but whereas on the paid emulator it is able to deactivate unwanted ads. It is possible to sync your game data to Google drive and can play on any device.

Click here to Download MyBoy! GBA Emulator

# 7. NDS Emulator for Android:

NDS emulator for Android is a free 3ds emulator that allows you to access along with ads. The NDS emulator allows and supports external controllers, keyboards, and multitouch functionalities. A user is given authority to move controls and they can even load .7z, zip files and archives directly.

Click to Download NDS Emulator From GooglePlay 

# 8. RetroArch:

RetroArch 3ds emulator that makes use of Liberto powerful development interface. This allows users to develop a cross-platform application. As it is an open-source and free platform, it involves system availability like Game boys, Play Station, SNES, and Nintendo DS. This is quite a complicated emulator in which you need to download each and every game that you wanted to play. Yet it is available for free.

You can click to download it from Play Store

# 9. R4 3ds Emulator:

This is one among the 3ds emulators. This emulator allows access to a majority of them. It can emulate formats and graphics of Nintendo 3DS Console. All you need to do is pick game files and personalize your controls. This emulator also allows you to play 3DS games on Windows PC.

Click to Download R4 3ds Emulator From Free Download manager

# 10. Tron DS:

It is a common ds emulator. It is coded using C#. The emulator is restricted to very few games. The essential gameplay includes you, playing as a System Monitor endeavoring to settle issues in the Grid, navigating around conditions battling foes and tackling confounds.

The controls utilize the touch screen and catch pair; the character is controlled by the D-cushion. You can even connect with the earth and battle enemies utilizing the touchscreen. The TronDS was the latest update which includes the following,


  • Added Circle Pad emulation
  • Support for Soc: U and Cfg: U services
  • Added support for ARM Media instructions
  • Fixed bugs in VFPU emulation
  • Fixed bugs in GSP: GPU emulation

Click here to visit TronDS

The above mentioned are some of the interesting and special emulators on Nintendo 3ds. You could grab any one of them to play your favorite games either on Android or on Windows PC. Make sure that you have the satisfying specs on your device that you are able to install these emulators and to download the games for free. Also, make sure that you follow the instructions given for each emulator so that the emulator works and supports games of your choice.