Old 90s games tips – How to become Don in Mafia Wars

Old 90s games tips - How to become Don in Mafia Wars

Old 90s games – Mafia Wars is one of the most popular old 90s games on Facebook. The player becomes a member of the mafia, the other members being friends who also play the game. The bigger the mafia, the stronger each individual player is. Everyone helps other members of their own mafia during attacks of other mafias

Home is the First of the Six Main Sections of Mafia Wars Retro Games Online

There are six main sections to the old 90s games Mafia Wars: Home, Jobs, Fight, Properties/Rackets, Inventory and Godfather. Home gives a listing of news and player updates. It’s good to check this area during every visit to see if other mafias attacked. Limited time offers are also in Home for those that want to buy Reward Points to use in the game. Reward Points are earned slowly for those that want to keep the game free.

Jobs Gives the Player Mob Experience in this Retro Games Online

The Jobs section is the most important part of this one of the famous old 90s games. There are numerous 3-tier levels of jobs to do for varying amounts of coins. The higher level the player is, the more he/she can receive for each job. For instance level 1 through 4 are considered street thugs and have 7 jobs they must complete three times to master.

Weapons and vehicles must be bought to perform these jobs and attacks, which also increase the payout. As levels increase, new jobs will open up. These jobs can be done as soon as they open up, but in order to advance in the ranks, the lower jobs must be completed to move on to the next tier.

Fight Other Mafias to Show Your Stuff in Old 90s Games

The Fight section is where the player’s mafia can attack other mafias at the same level. Attacking these mafias is like throwing a dice. The player will either win or lose, which will affect health and coins. If a player loses a fight, the other mafia can steal some of their money. A good tip is to always put money in the bank before leaving the game or attacking anyone.

Even though 10% in laundering fees are deducted with every deposit, it’s not as high as when other mafias steal it. This happens quite frequently and can be irritating to visit and see that other mafias have stolen $50,000 coins in a few hours.

Visit Profile to Increase Your Character’s Strength

If players are wounded in a fight, they can either stop playing long enough for time to heal them or take a trip to the hospital and pay off a doctor. This gets more expensive every time, so it should be used infrequently. Another alternative is to visit Profile to increase Health using Skill Points. These are earned with each level upgrade and can be used to increase Health, Stamina, Energy, Defense and Attack.

The two most important to increase are Health and Energy. Without a high Energy level, hardly any jobs can be done during each visit to the game. Having a high Health will help players last longer during any fight. Sometimes outlasting an opponent is more important than Attack or Defense levels.

Job Requirements are in Inventory

The Inventory section lists everything that is for sale, and it also shows the player what he/she owns. Weapons, Armor, Vehicles and Boosts can be bought directly from the Inventory or the players can buy what is needed as they do the jobs. Whenever something is needed to do a job, it can be bought directly from that job.

What’s the Difference between Properties and Rackets?

Properties/Rackets is one of the more confusing aspects of the game. Depending on which version the player gets, he/she will get either Properties or Rackets. Though Zynga support says they are the same, each is played differently.

With Rackets, the player is given a few options to do a Shake Down, such as strip joints or backroom poker games. The payoff is guaranteed after an allotted amount of time, but if the player does not retrieve it soon enough, other mafias can ruin the operation. When that happens, all proceeds are lost, so players must be careful to visit the Rackets often to get their payoff.

With Properties, the player can buy undeveloped properties and businesses. Once a property is bought, a business can be purchased to build upon the land. Players can visit every three hours to retrieve their take, but they must visit at least once a day or the return lowers every day they stay away. Other mafias can attack these businesses, which will lower the profit. Protection shields can be purchased to prevent such loss.

Will the Godfather Make an Offer You Can’t Refuse?

The Godfather section is where the player can use their Reward Points to refill their stamina, energy and health as well as buying extra mafia members, skill points for advancement, coins and changing their name. There is also an area to buy more Reward Points.

One important thing for new players to note is when setting up their account, do not skip the setup screen without entering a name for their Don. If something is not entered, they will be called “Default Don” and the only way to change it is to pay 15 Reward Points. This takes a while to earn, or the player can buy them from The Godfather.

Mafia Wars Retro Games Online is Like an Onion; It has Many Layers

There is much more to this one of the old 90s games than has been discussed, but many of those things must be done to learn. The tips mentioned will help the new Don get started in the game and will enable him/her to have more fun along the way. There is plenty of information online about finding cheats and strategies for those that want to excel at Mafia Wars.