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As a prerequisite to many of these classes, general knowledge of computer science and hardware can help students prepare for masters-level coursework. New York University is a top school for prospective applicants interested in a degree in information technology. Given the location of this institution, many graduates seek roles in the information technology sector locally in New York City, which is one of the largest job markets in the country.

information technology studies

Are you interested in designing and implementing computer-based information solutions for today’s knowledge-based problems? Arizona State University’s Bachelor of Science in information technology (IT) may be an ideal fit. When you graduate, you’ll be prepared to step into critical roles across industries, such as in cybersecurity, database systems management, software development, quality assurance and more. In this course you will learn key critical thinking concepts and how to apply them in the analysis and evaluation of reasons and evidence.

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The course prepares learners for the CompTIA A+ Core 2 certification exam. Many of the courses offered in information technology programs align with industry standards. Classes like Database Design, Network Security, and Systems Analysis prepare students to help understand a variety of roles in the industry. Courses often include topics like cybersecurity, big data, data analytics, and software development. IT workers maintain networks, create new software, and ensure information security.

information technology studies

An online master’s degree in information technology typically takes between 1-2 years to complete. It’s always helpful to consider in-person and online offerings to find the right program that fits your schedule. As learners weigh their higher education options, some may wonder whether a computer science or information technology degree best serves their interests and career goals. A bachelor’s in information technology is a four-year degree that covers topics like ethical hacking, coding, and network design.

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At SNHU, we believe everyone deserves access to an education that can transform their life. Ken Girkin ’17, an Army veteran who also earned a master’s in cybersecurity in 2021, was able to advance in his company because of his education. Reflecting on her time at Snag, Evans can’t understate the impact it had – and will continue to have – on her career. “Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to understand the different departments within this industry and what to apply for in the future,” she said. “It gave me the confidence and relevant experience needed to progress further once I graduate from SNHU.”

In the computer science field, you’ll design and build computers and computer programs. In IT, you’ll work to maintain and improve those computers, as well as the systems, security structures, databases, and networks that help them run. There are also several fields that combine principles from both computer science and IT, like cloud computing, DevOps, and database administration. At Oregon Tech, the online information technology BS program provides a hands-on, interdisciplinary foundation in the IT field. You can refine your analytical, problem-solving, project management, and communication skills. Graduates work at companies like Intel, Nike, Google, and Asante Health Systems.

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Database Administrators generally complete a bachelor’s in a field related to computers or information systems. In certain cases, they need a graduate degree, with specific education and training in data or database management. Students who enroll in an information technology degree program take classes on how computers and technology function in tandem to send, receive, and also store data. At a rudimentary level, information technology focuses more on skills surrounding technology installation, maintenance, and improvement.

information technology studies

“I would look at computer science as a subset of information technology,” he said. No matter how advanced you get with a software program, you’re still dealing with information technology, according to Spratling. “I was able to change my career of 18 years to a new career I am passionate about and love,” she said. “I changed my career from supply chain to cybersecurity,” which she had added as her degree concentration.

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This course prepares learners for the AWS Certified Practitioner certification exam. It typically takes about four years to get an online bachelor’s degree in information technology. Some schools, like WGU, have a model that allows students to earn an information technology degree much more quickly due to accelerated, flexible courses. This certificate is designed to help aspiring web developers begin their journey, gain valuable experience, and add a critical credential to their résumé. You are also guaranteed admission into a WGU School of Technology degree program.

  • This course prepares learners for the AWS Certified Practitioner certification exam.
  • Instructors are highly educated, experienced experts in the subject matter of a course.
  • Those who previously completed some general education courses at a community college can often transfer these to their new school, leading to a quicker graduation date.
  • Custom computer programming services and computer systems design services are the two sub-industries that account for almost 90 percent of all IT services employment.
  • Increase your earning potential, boost your résumé with valuable credentials, and find a career you love with the help of an information technology degree.

From there, the algebra of several families of functions will be explored, including linear, polynomial, exponential, and logistic functions. You will also learn about relevant, applicable mathematical properties of each family of functions, including rate of change, concavity, maximizing/minimizing, and asymptotes. These properties will be used to solve problems related to your major and make sense of everyday living problems. Students should complete Applied Probability and Statistics or its equivalent prior to engaging in Applied Algebra.

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“A lot of the careers (in IT) may give you flexibility in not just location, but also time,” said Spratling, pointing out that many positions in IT allow you to work from home and offer an accommodating schedule. And just by design of the online environment, SNHU makes it easier for working mothers to achieve their career dreams in STEM. “The fact that such a small percentage of women who join the STEM field is distressing and even (fewer) women go into MVP Hackathon for DevEducation Students cybersecurity,” said team captain Briana Beyerl ’17. “I truly believe SNHU is making strides in encouraging women (to) join STEM fields, and I am immensely proud of that and grateful to have the opportunity to be part of the movement.” The experience, she noted, was eye-opening – allowing her to see aspects of the business beyond the tech side. “The instructors I had seemed to be very knowledgeable in the classes I was taking,” said Ken Girkin ’17 ’21G.

information technology studies

Each student is fully supported on their path to success in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. News & World Report and provide students with a rich learning environment. The amount of time your online IT degree will take depends on where you choose to attend school.

Simply put, IT is more about keeping up with existing technology rather than designing and building new tools. Professionals in this sphere take more math and programming language classes, giving them the skills needed to design and develop new hardware and software. University of California-San Diego offers 1 Information Technology degree programs. In 2022, 168 Information Technology students graduated with students earning 168 Bachelor’s degrees. Washington University in St Louis offers 1 Information Technology degree programs. It’s a large, private not-for-profit, four-year university in a large suburb.