Same-sex marriage coaching: How to get UK Visas

Same-sex marriage coaching: How to get UK Visas

Same-sex marriage coaching – Want to immigrate to the United Kingdom with your same-sex partner? Learn some about the types of immigration visas and processes that you’ll need to understand before moving to Britain. Please note that this is a guide, not any form of legal advice. If you need more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer, says marriage coaching expert.

Types of Visas

If you are an American citizen and your partner is a British citizen and you have not entered into a civil partnership or marriage in any country, you will need to apply for an unmarried partner visa. Usually this visa will last for two years. After this point, you’ll be able to apply for a renewal two-year unmarried partner visa. If you and your partner register a civil partnership while you are living together in the UK, you will be able to apply for a permanent residency visa, if given an ear to a marriage coaching professional.

If you and your unmarried partner are both American, one of you must have a work permit or diplomatic visa to settle in the UK. You can then apply to accompany your same-sex married partner. Marriage coaching expert adds this visa will normally last for two years or for the same time period as your partner’s work permit.

If you and your partner have entered into a civil partnership or similar arrangement, you will need to apply for a civil partner visa. This is very similar to the unmarried partner visa.

All of the different visa statuses can be confusing – the UK VISAS marriage counseling questionnaire is a straighforward way to determine what type of visa you will require before moving to the UK

As you prepare your visa application, you will need to collect documents that verify your identity and your relationship status.

Proving Your Relationship

Ask marriage coaching expert about what documents do you need to make a successful visa application? You will need to show that you and your same-sex married partner have been living in a committed relationship for a minimum of two years. Joint bank statements, lease agreements, utility bills, and jointly addressed correspondence are all important pieces of evidence for your case file. Try to collect a number of documents addressed to each of you individually as well as jointly, and ensure that the documents cover a range of time over the past two years. It can help your application to include letters of support from family and friends.

If you and your partner have lived apart during the past two years, you will need to show how you have maintained your relationship despite the separation. Long-distance phone bills, airline ticket receipts, and emails are some good ways of proving ongoing contact.

You and your partner will need to show the immigration officials that you have a way of supporting yourselves and somewhere to live before they can approve your visa application. As the unmarried partner or civil partner of a British citizen, you have an unlimited right to work in the UK. Try to line up some job prospects and add any communication you have about jobs to your visa application. You will need to have a permanent address in the UK before you move. If you will be staying temporarily with friends or family, they will need to write a letter of support to enclose with your application.

Further Help with Immigration

Immigration can be a stressful and confusing experience. The UK VISAS website gives comprehensive information about visas, including application forms, on their website. Groups like the UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group can also provide extra assistance and advice about same-sex partner visa applications.

If your situation is complex, or you feel you need specific and tailored advice, an immigration lawyer can help instead of marriage coaching professional. Your local gay and lesbian community center can give you information about local LGBT-friendly lawyers and advice centers. Always prefer giving reference to your community while contacting such legal adviser. It will be easier for you to get perfect guidance.