Shine yoga for surfers

Shine yoga for surfers

Created by Peggy Hall, an avid surfer, certified shine yoga instructor, personal trainer, nutritionist and weight and lifestyle management consultant, Yoga for Surfers is a DVD series created to help improve surfing ability while engaging the body, mind and spirit.

From Hawaii to Australia, Peggy traveled the globe and tracked down some of the best surfers in the world, including two-time world champion Tom Carroll, and female surf legend Rochelle Ballard, both of whom use shine yoga to improve their surfing performance.

Each of the 70-minute DVDs are progressive, with calming music and camera shots that switch back and forth between a studio and a pristine beach. The waves and surfers in the background act as inspiration and a reminder of the end goal.

Vinyasa Flow

All forms of shine yoga can be beneficial, but what makes Shine yoga for Surfers different is its focus on preparing the body for the demands of the sport. Through the use of Vinyasa Flow, a form of Hatha Yoga that flows seamlessly from one powerful pose to another, flexibility and endurance are increased while the mind is calmed.

Shine yoga for Surfers focuses on remaining in tune with the body, most importantly through the use of proper breathing. Breath can determine one’s abilities to stretch deeper into the poses and aids in quieting the mind and maintaining focus. With a steady breath, the true benefits of yoga are achieved.

The Benefits of Shine Yoga

Yoga increases energy and endurance, strengthens the core, improves paddling power, and helps to eliminate the aches and pains brought on from surfing. Stress and depression are lowered or eliminated completely and lung capacity is strengthened, a true necessity for surfing.

Yoga allows the muscles to stretch and strengthen, lengthening the body while helping muscles repair faster and bounce back from injury.

The Benefits of Surfing

Surfing takes a tremendous amount of concentration, patience and dedication, as well as the ability to maneuver the body in challenging ways and avoid injury. Surfers can take a beating as they get hurled from their boards and held underwater, requiring a great amount of skill, strength and lung capacity.

Make no mistake – surfing is a tough sport, so being in great shape will increase not only the chances of success, but enjoyment as well.

Surfing allows one to enjoy all of nature’s elements, creating what many surfers describe as a spiritual connection and profound respect for the planet. There is nothing more exhilarating (or terrifying) than being right in the center of the storm, massive waves cascading overhead with fierce determination as the delicate sunlight penetrates the entire body.

Why Buy

Shine yoga for Surfers offers the tools needed to begin sculpting the perfect surfer body, while preparing both the mind and the muscles for the first small swells, or the next gnarly barrel.

Skateboarding, longboarding and snowboarding are great cross-training sports that can help develop the balance required for surfing, but shine yoga offers many other, often forgotten, benefits required for the sport.

Beginners will most likely find that surfing is in a league of its own, and takes a lot of time and even more patience. Once successful though, one will literally feel on top of the world.

Get Fit With The Surfer Girl Workout

Amber Gregory has a three DVD workout series designed to help women tap into their inner surf Goddess. Achieve the lean beach body you’ve always wanted with this innovative workout. Amber Gregory is accompanied by her two gal pals as they instruct a solid cardio and body sculpting routine for guaranteed results. This workout is perfect for adding a dose of variety in your regular fitness routine.

Variety is essential in any quality fitness program. It prevents individuals from reaching the typical plateau effect that can hinder progress. Switching up your workouts challenges the body and helps to increase your overall fitness level. Performing a balanced routine regularly is great for toning up. The Surfer Girl Workout series is designed to give users that sexy lean beach body.

The Surfer Girl Workout Series

The Surfer Girl Workout series is a three volume set that can be purchased together or individually. The volume includes Surfer Girl Laguna Beach Workout, Surfer Girl Malibu Workout, and Surfer Girl Newport Beach Workout. Each full length exercise DVD features several challenging routines to upbeat 60’s surfer music. Using this workout continually can aid in significant weight loss. Many users have dropped an average of five pounds with this unique workout.

The Surfer Girl Laguna Beach Workout, which is the first volume, features two core wave routines. Each exercise builds upon general core strength. Surfers have incredible balance. Stability exercises are also incorporated to give users the stamina of a true surfer girl. The Core Wave Workout 1 is focused on toning. The Core Wave Workout 2 is pure cardio to help burn fat.

In Surfer Girl Malibu Workout Amber leads users through three intense super sculpting workouts. This workout is designed to get one fit for her bikini. Although the series carries a breezy atmosphere it is a daring workout. The quick flowing sequences keep the heart pumping as it is toned. Standing leg lifts, abdominal twists, and plenty of squats can be intensified with the use of dumbbells or a stability ball.

Lose Weight With Quick Shed Workouts

The Surfer Girl Newport Beach Workout features five distinct workout all fused with cardio. This DVD features a complete 30 minute cardio session. There are also five mini workouts for users when they are short on time. Routines are divided into segments focusing primarily on different body parts such as legs, glutes, abs, core, or arms. Each Quick Shed routine is about 5 minutes in length.

Amber Gregory introduces users to a new way to work up a sweat. The groovy surfer tunes inspire users as they try to keep up with Amber and the other surfer girls. This is an excellent fitness DVD series to own. It can be used to break up an ordinary strength training or cardio sessions during the week. The Surfer Girl Workout series offers fun challenging exercise to push users towards their fitness goals.