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Site analysis
Site analysis


Site Analysis- On Page Search Engine Optimization

Why we should do site analysis ?? what’s the need for doing and how to do it? all questions are answered in this post so go through it carefully. Many of us know there is nothing such big than a Google’s algorithm when it comes to optimization. Through all these years the algorithms have been to upgrade and make searches a better one. Of course, these updates have brought the websites to a better position with a tweak in its structure.

However, there are certain things that are still a mystery. It is all about, “How Google evaluates a website and shows them up for the exact queries?”

So this post is going to help you out with site analysis tools and lets you know how Google looks at your website.

Are you ready to explore?

In this post, we are going to have a look at how every SEO analysis tools work. There are a lot of tools that help you out with SEO analysis. Some are paid and some are free tools. You could find either of them based on your potential. It is easy to obtain free tools just by hitting the search tab but finding the best-paid tools that get your analysis well cooked is difficult. And that is why I write this post to point out to certain paid and free tools that better help you with your analysis process.

Then let’s get started!!!

Find the leading #9 site analysis tools to analyze your website:

First of all let’s start with some of the Free SEO Tools,

Site Analysis- Free Tools:

#1. Screaming Frog:

A good free site analysis tool that is used to undertake a thorough analysis of the website. The tool provides all required information that helps you to optimize your website. On running this tool you could get important information on external links, duplicate pages, meta description, file size, page title, follow and no follow links, redirects, header tags, anchor text, errors such as no responses and 404 and much more. You could even export the data to an excel sheet.


#2. Google Analytics:

A free analytics tool that helps in monitoring website performances. Through this site analysis tool your retrieve the following data,

  • The content most viewed and liked by users
  • The number of visitors to your site.
  • Number of page views
  • Traffic from various sources
  • Performance of a marketing campaign
  • Time spent by visitors on a particular page
  • Countries from which your visitors come


#3. Google Webmasters Tool:

The Google Webmasters tool helps you identify and rectify problems on your website. This is a critical tool for webmasters that helps them with SEO and provides the following services,

  • Verify error on your website sitemap
  • Fix bots crawl rate
  • Provides list of both internal and external pages that link to your website
  • List of competitors


#4. SEO Site Checkup:

A free auditing tool that helps you analyze on an entire website in various categories which include SEO issues, social media server, security, semantic web. This tool helps you retrieve all information from search engines and provides health score, a performance of the website and failed checks on your site.

The features of the tool include:

  • SEO monitoring
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SEO reporting


#5. SEOQuake:

It is one of the Browser plugin the lets you see PageRank, Alexa rank, and other metrics of URLs in search results. Works for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. You could get this plugin installed to your browser and instantly analyze your website.

The Following are some of the Paid tools that work the best for your site analysis

Site Analysis- Paid Tools:

#6. Ahref:

Ahref is the best collaboration of different search engine optimization tools which include site explorer, SEO reports, mention trackers, backlinks support and batch analysis. It is the best link analysis tool through which you can determine new as well as internal links. Find some of the interesting factors that the tool offers;

  • You get Pivotal SEO data through this site analysis tool as it has a very large index of links
  • The data is updated once in 15mins
  • You find it helpful to check linking domains, backlink types, anchor phrases and referring pages of your domain
  • It has a better UI that helps better interaction and understanding of the tool.


#7. SEMRush:

It is one of the biggest dreams of every site owner to tackle their competitors and to achieve the highest rank in the search engine. And that is why it is required to have a closer watch over the keywords and the SEO statistics that every other competitor uses in order to advance their websites.

But that isn’t going to work manually. It is impossible to check every single page for a specific keyword. And it consumes a lot of time and potential. In order to overcome this hindrance, you could make use of the best SEO Analysis tool. SEMRush. It is a wonderful free paid tool that is probably used in finding keywords and to optimize your website to rank better. Apart from finding the keywords, there are various other advantages that are available in this tool, let us have a look at it.

  • Obtain a detailed statistical view about your visitors on to your website
  • It is capable of analyzing your domain’s SERP results
  • The most interesting factor is, you could find your competitor’s AdWords campaign
  • Get an inclusive list of your competitors
  • You can even export all contact data to an excel sheet.


#8. Majestic SEO:

The tool helps in checking the backlinks of a website. It can further help you with finding the history of backlinks, anchor text, and keywords. The platform is a collection of different tools. You could now compare 5 websites along with yours with the help of the search bar available in the main dashboard.

A great creeping record is, the pursuit bar likewise gives you an alternative to flip between the Historic Index (each of the 1.3 trillion+ slithered URLs) or a Fresh Index containing crept information from just the most recent 90 days. Ahrefs has a correspondingly sweeping backlink database yet doesn’t give a similar sort of recency channel.

One of the interesting factors about the tool is, it has options to further group and categorize backlinks using the clique hunter and neighborhood checker tool. The neighborhood tool is used to distinguish all of the backlinks your website gets by identifying the site hosted on the same IP address which is also considered the backlink tracking tool.

Majestic gives you a considerable measure of adaptability in the sorts of reports you can run and how you arrange and oversee them. A Standard Report, which you can keep running on at least one target areas, gives you straightforward recorded sums of outside backlinks and alluding spaces.


#9. Moz:

The American based software development company that came up with the software in order to help search engine optimization and online marketing. Some of the most important tools that Moz offers are campaign manager, link analysis, rank tracking and on-page SEO analysis. Gain your market presence and improve your website efficiency.

Another tool offered by the company is SEO MozPRO. This tool helps in analyzing competitiveness and improve SEO. The Tool helps you to perform tasks like,

  • Maintain a tab on link building and competitive analysis
  • Analyze social media followers
  • Analysis on keyword research and ranking
  • Test website and workout crawl errors


#10. WooRank:

The Woorank is a free paid tool for an instant website review. Without the premium account, you could generate only a limited amount of free reports. And to your notice, the tool offers only a 7-day unlimited free trial, this gives you an access to unlimited reviews. A WooRank report is classified into the following sections.

  • Marketing checklist – important features on your website.
  • SEO – Checks over the various on-page and off-page practices
  • Usability – This checks on the user-friendly approach of your website, evaluating on various usability practices.
  • Technologies – This section checks on assorted aspects of the site.
  • Local – Presents your site’s listing in local directories.
  • Visitors – measures the popularity based on various traffic appraises.

So these are the best-driven site analysis tools that are available for both subscription and free of cost. If you are looking out to engage with a tool that works worthy to get your website a better search result you could opt one from these. What do you wait for? Get any of these Site Analysis tools and optimize your website immediately for better results. If you are already using one of them then you are way too good.

Get your website a better scope of search results. If I have missed any of the valuable points then let me know on them with your valuable comment. Waiting to hear it from you.