Google search console: Blog Or Website Submission To Google Webmaster Tool

Submission To Google Search Console
Submission To Google Search Console

When starting a career in blogging, it is necessary to know about how to display your website and how the search engines work to drive traffic to the blog web page. When you have created your site, then it is necessary to show your site or blog in the Google search, and it is important to get full recognition from the audience. Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools is one of the free tools that are offered by Google, and it is helpful for you to display the website in the top Google search results easily. Google Webmaster Tools helps to improve the crawling rate of your site or blog. Here are the steps how to do websites Submission To Google Webmaster Tool.

Submission To Google Webmaster Tool
Submission To Google Webmaster Tool
  • Go to the Google search console/Google webmaster tool
  • Sign up for account
  • Verify that you are owner of your blog
  • Click red button “Add a Site”
  • Type in URL and click “Continue”
  • Download file and Click blue HTML verification file
  • Save on your hard drive
  • Go to cPanel login
Submission To Google Webmaster Tool
Submission To Google Webmaster Tool
  • Open a new window
  • Keep Google webmaster tools window open
  • Go to Homepage
  • Go to File Manager
  • Ask what directory you want to go
  • Click on document root for URL
  • Upload file you saved on your computer
  • Access webmaster tools
  • Open up the new web page with the gobbly gook
  • Go to webmaster tools screen
  • Hit “verify” button
  • Submit sitemap
  • Verify in the Google Search Console

How to do Sitemap Submission To Google Webmaster Tool?

Do you like to improve the SEO ranking with adding the HTML sitemap? Installing the sitemap plug-in would be a great option for clicking SEO on sitemaps to get the URL of your map.

Submission To Google search console
Submission To Google search console
  • Open separate window
  • Visit WordPress dashboard
  • In the plug-in section, type search bar Google sitemap plug-in
  • Install plugin and activate it
  • Create sitemap
  • Go to settings page in plug-in
  • URL of file created
  • Submit URL to Google
  • Click on Sitemaps on Google webmaster tools
  • Click ADD/TEST Sitemap

Note: If you have Yoast SEO plugin then you needn’t download any other plugin this plugin auto generates sitemap and you can find it in XML sitemaps section of Yoast SEO.

After submitting your blog’s sitemap to google webmaster tool, the Google search engine will begin submitting your website’s images, posts, pages, videos, and start the website with google search engine, thus Your website blog content post will appear in the google search result and you will be able to get traffic from google on the website. Submission To Google Webmaster Tool or Google search console is a compulsory task in many aspects so never skip this step.

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