Tips to save money on purchase of old games from the 90s

old games from the 90s

Old games from the 90s – In the days when Xbox 360, PS3 and PC games regularly retailed for more than $100, care must be taken by the gamer that does not have a small fortune set aside for purchasing games. There are many options that may be investigated to acquire old games from the 90s. If used wisely, anywhere between a few dollars to 50 or more can be saved.

Always Compare Prices

To some this may seem a given, but many people may simply forget to compare prices between retailers for the old games from the 90s. A game which is selling for $109 at one retailer may be as low as $90 at another, or less. Using resources such as Shopbot are keys to getting the best deal. Don’t be afraid to quote a lower price. Most retailers will match or even beat a price if a purchase is on the line.

Some stores may neglect to lower their prices of specific old games from the 90s. For example an older game such as Tomb Raider Underworld may be as expensive as $100, its release retail price, at some stores. Most will stock it at the budget price of $50, but even further discount can be found at some stores. Some copies at target have been seen as low as $35, which is a particularly low price for a high quality release.

Department Stores such as Myers and David Jones should usually be avoided, as these stores generally keep their video games stock at its release retail price. However, occasional good buys can be found in the bargain bins of such stores, so do not discount them entirely.

Temporary price reductions can add another layer of savings on top of the savings made by shopping around. Most major retailers will periodically reduce games prices. Whether this is an across the board reduction of 10-20% or a reduction on the prices of specific games, they can be valuable when hunting for a bargain. Percentage reductions can knock up to $25 off the price of a full priced game.

Used Games

Games retailers such as GAME, EB Games and JB Hifi sell a range of used old games from the 90s, usually for up to 25-30% lower than the price for a new version of the same game. This can be a great way to pick up a game. However, it is always advisable to check the disc’s condition before making any decisions to purchase. If the disc is not up to standards, it is advisable to ask for an additional discount – this discount can be used to have the disc repaired.

Purchasing used old games from the 90s from eBay can also save a lot of money, but care must be taken befor a purchase is made. While it may be tempting to purchase a game at a fraction of its retail price, there is no way to guarantee the quality of the disc before completing the purchase. So it is a “buy at your own risk” situation.

Online Retailers

There are many online retailers which sell games, many at lower prices than at the shops. Amazon sells a large range of games, and preorders on some games are also available. 10-15 dollars of savings can be made by purchasing a game from Amazon.

eBay retailers also offer very reasonable prices for new games. One store offers FIFA 10 for as low as $57 after postage has been added. Always check the feedback of the store. If everything adds up, go ahead with the purchase and take advantage of the excellent deals.

Consider Digital Distribution

There are a few digital distribution services available, offering differing value. The Xbox Live Marketplace and the Playstation Store offer some full games at cut prices. Steam is the best value for PC games, with occasional specials reducing games in price by up to 75%.

However, Sony’s PSP Go services are mediocre at best, with old games from the 90s being at the same price as their physical counterparts.

Interactive Gaming Consoles

Things sure have changed since the days of playing Pac-Man and Space Invaders against the computer or another player. The days of one-to-one, or multi-player gaming played in the family room, have morphed into a different realm: interactive gaming. Although gaming consoles provide hours of fun and entertainment, there are some risks parents and adults need to know.

Certain gaming consoles can wirelessly connect to the Internet or to other devices using short-range wireless technology. The world of make-believe wrapped up in a nice and shiny console box might just be another venue for online strangers, predators, offensive players and electronic bullies.

Microsofts XBox 360

The popular gaming console, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, has a service available called Xbox LIVE or LIVE Vision. This service allows users to connect and chat online with other users worldwide, using a headset and microphone. With Live Vision, a camera for real-time video chat is included . The ability to simultaneously connect with other users by simply using a console with a microphone, headset or camera, be it via voice, video or text, now exists. Gamers, depending on what gaming device is used, can chat in real time while playing video games, listen to music or watch movies by connecting to the Internet or connecting with other nearby devices. While this can provide great fun and entertainment, it also presents some potential risks and concerns parents need to be aware of.

Although not all gamers use voice or video chat, the capability to connect with friends as well as strangers, is available, depending on what system is used. Companies, including Microsoft, have added extra safety precautions and numerous parental controls. For instance, family timers are now available on the XBox 360, allowing parents to manage 360 play time. Voice masking may also be available—to change the voice of the user to a robot, adult or other available voices. Although this may be a good idea for children to disguise and distort voices, predator’s voices can also change by using the same technology. It is crucial to remind children, people online are not always who they say they are.

XBox Live

The Microsoft Xbox Live community has approximately 7 million Xbox Live users worldwide who reportedly send several million text and voice messages daily. Xbox 360 users are now able to connect with Windows Live Messenger Instant Messaging users.

According to the official website, Windows Live Messenger, is the “world’s largest easy-to-use consumer instant messaging service that allows people to connect with others in real time”. This allows Xbox Live users to chat directly using Windows Live Messenger, which has millions of active accounts. Users can text and video chat using a variety of existing methods and the XBox Live Vision accessory.

Playing Safely

While due care is made to keep the desktop PC or laptop computer in a safe and open area of the home, electronic devices capable of wireless connectivity, pose another concern for parents. For those with gaming consoles that are able to connect to the Internet or by using short-range technology, parents needs to be aware of who children are talking to while they are using these devices.

Whether children own a gaming console or not, chances are they will come in contact with one sooner or later. Although parental controls can add peace of mind and extra safeguards, it is imperative to openly discuss online safety issues with children that may put them in harm’s way, whether access to the Internet is gained from home, from school or elsewhere.

Children must stay safe online, no matter where they are, or how they get there. Talking to strangers online, be it using a gaming console, PDA, cell phone, or desktop computer, is a serious subject and should be addressed with children.

The Internet is a wonderful tool. Whether children use social networking websites or interactive gaming devices, the potential risks still exist; the methods and means just change.