Wedding anniversary gifts for years 9 to 12 from holiday gift shop

A love that is withstanding the test of time is very special and should be celebrated. As the relationship continues to grow and strengthen it can be difficult to find a gift from holiday gift shop that truly captures the feelings of the couple. Using a traditional theme to gift buying from holiday gift shop is a start in the right direction but an actual purchase may still appear out of reach.

There is no need to stress over the best item. The traditional theme allows a lot of flexibility to assist the buyer in matching an item to his or her true feelings. A few helpful hints can provide ideas for the perfect gift from holiday gift shop and the buyer will only need to supply the love.

9th Anniversary Gifts: the Pottery/Willow Year

Using the traditional wedding list as a guide, the 9th anniversary gift is one of pottery and/or willow. These gifts allow the shopper some variety because pottery can be used for so many different purposes.

Gift Ideas:

Decorative vase
Willow rocking chairs

Tea set with a membership – Receive monthly exotic teas and enjoy cold tea on a hot summer day or hot tea for a cold winter night together.

Unique Travel Gift Idea:

Cruise to Mexico – Relax and enjoy being pampered on a cruise for two. On an excursion visit the shops in Mexico to see and purchase beautifully decorated pottery.

10th Anniversary Gifts: the Tin/Aluminum Year

The 10th anniversary gift should be one of either tin or aluminum. This year may not seem as exotic or sensual as previous years but that does not have to be the case. Combining these ideas with previous gifts or adding personal touches can make the 10th anniversary just as enjoyable.

Gift Ideas:

Decorative tins for teas or coffees
Aluminum roses in tin vase

Tin Candle holders – Arrange to light a quiet dinner, a soothing outside tea party, or relaxing bubble bath. These are easily available at any holiday gift shop.

Unique Travel Gift Idea:

Trip to Malaysia – Enjoy time away from the typically stress of life. As the couple relaxes take in the sights with a tour of a tin mine.

11th Anniversary Gifts: the Steel Year

A steel gift is very appropriate for the 11th anniversary. The strength of steel has a direct link to the strength of the relationship through the years. This year provides a lot of choices to show how the couple feels.

Gift Ideas:

Matching his/her watches
Garden bench

Fire pit – Useful on cold nights when sitting to enjoy warm chocolate or tea. Also can be used to create a cook-out and avoid cleaning dishes inside.

Unique Travel Gift Idea:

Travel to the Caribbean – As the couple’s minds wander on an island known for its relaxed atmosphere enjoy a steel drum band with a memorable meal.

12th Anniversary Gifts: the Silk/Linen Year

Reaching this point is quite an accomplishment and the reward is a year with more romantic possibilities than the previous four combined. Silk and linen are the gifts for the 12th wedding anniversary.

Gift Ideas:

His/Her silk pajamas
Silk bed sheets

Silk dress and a matching silk tie and linen shirt – Plan a night out with a play and try an expensive restaurant that would normally be avoided.

Unique Travel Gift Idea:

Fly to China – Once every hour talk about a favorite memory from year one to twelve. After landing enjoy the vacation but be sure to purchase silk items for the spouse while shopping.

It is easy to find the perfect gift that will match the personality of a loved one. Time has given all of the information needed; it is just a matter of going out to purchase the item. With a little work the wedding anniversary will continue to get better through the years.

How to Write the Best Love Letters to a Spouse

If you don’t want to visit a holiday gift shop but looking to gift something from heart, writing a love letter is a romantic and unique gift idea for a spouse on a wedding anniversary, holiday or other occasion. This personalized gift is a free way of saying “I love you” that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Saying “I Love You” on Wedding Anniversaries

The first step to writing a love letter for a Valentine’s Day or anniversary present is to choose the paper. Although it does not matter if the love letter is hand-written or typed on a computer, the letter should be printed and not sent via email. This unique anniversary present will likely be saved for a lifetime. Select high-quality stationary for a wedding anniversary gift or an acid-free, fun, printed paper for Valentine’s Day or Christmas presents.

Don’t plan to start writing on the special paper right away. Set aside some time and jot notes on regular paper or in a word-processing file to begin. To set the tone for the letter, play soft romantic music and light a candle. Place a picture of a favorite moment together on the desk or look at a picture of the beloved husband or wife.

A Letter Is a Unique Anniversary Present

A love letter is a creative way to celebrate the first wedding anniversary, as the traditional gift for the one-year wedding anniversary is paper. For a personalized wedding anniversary gift or Valentine’s Day present, begin by making a list of a few of the most memorable moments in the last few years. What goals have been attained as a married couple? What surprises or challenges have been met together? What is unique and special about the relationship? Also consider where the relationship will go in the future. What hopes and dreams does the couple share? Asking these questions and ones like them will help craft a personalized gift for a husband or wife.

To make the love letter a personal reflection of the marriage, focus on what makes the recipient special and unique. What is the spouse’s most admirable personality trait? Perhaps a husband is awed by his wife’s generosity or a wife finds her husband’s financial wizardry amazing. Husbands and wives can consider their spouses’ strengths and how they make up for their own weaknesses to create a balance in the marriage.

How to Write a Love Letter

When the brainstorming is complete, it is likely a common theme is apparent. Start the letter by reflecting on a treasured memory. Add details and thoughts about this memory that the recipient may not know. For example, a husband may describe the atmosphere while waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle or a wife may share when she first knew she had found “the one.”

In the middle of the letter share how the recipient’s personality or strengths make him or her special. Share the unique qualities the spouse brings to the marriage. Then share dreams and hopes for the future. Explain how the couple will work together to meet the future goals and challenges they will face together. Allow thoughts to flow to create a personalized letter. Those who get stumped for how to continue can look back on their brainstorming to see what fits or add a quote about love and life. Proofread, spell check and print the letter on special paper.

Writing a love letter to a spouse is a unique and personalized gift. A love letter fits the bill for a first wedding anniversary gift for those who would like to select a gift off the traditional anniversary gift list. A love letter can be a creative Christmas or Valentine’s Day gift for a spouse who wants to send more than a greeting card. Brainstorm ideas before writing, and then allow the love words to flow.