Wedding Vows Writing Guide

Wedding Vows Writing Guide

Nothing resonates better than bearing your soul out with your own words. It always shows a sincerity and depth of your feeling compared to using standardized words. As such, the allure of writing your wedding vows can never get understated. All you want entails bearing your heart to your loved one intimately and unforgettable.

But the process of piecing together a heartfelt wedding vow can prove laborious as you will have to sum up every promise, dream, and love for your partner in a brief vow. In as much as it can prove arduous, it’s always worth it in the end. You get to share your heart using sweet words and give the audience a peek into what makes your relationship successful. 

So what should your wedding vow contain? If you ever need an example of great writing, check out

Contents of Your Wedding Vow

While vows for traditional weddings have a rigid structure, you can always tweak your vows to reflect your personality. So consider incorporating the following into your wedding vow.

  • Profess your love for your partner and don’t fail to incorporate the three essential words of “Love,” “I,” and “You.” It might seem obvious, but most people forget in as much as it always has a weighty meaning.
  • Communicate your resolve of sticking by them through thin and thick. It becomes crucial to acknowledge the reality of the highs and lows of your marriage in your vow, besides promising to stick together through all these times. You can fuse in some of the bumpy rides to bring a reality element to your promise. Both your partner and the audience will appreciate your sincerity.
  • Share some of your personal stories. To ensure that your vows come out as real and with meaning, you should share the odd personal moments. It should not only include the highs, but the lows of your relationship. So, express both elements to your partner to also demonstrate your understanding of the dual nature of life.
  • Make actual promises. Most people don’t take vows seriously, but if anything, you should put emphasis and meaning to every word you avow. It should represent a serious commitment to your partner before a multitude of witnesses. You can promise light things like killing spiders in your home besides sticking with her through every turmoil.    
  • Acknowledge the need for support from other people. In as much as the gathering assembled represents family and friends, it also shows the reality of their place as the support system for your marriage. So acknowledge their role in ensuring a successful marriage, the key role God or your religion plays, and lastly, the role your friends will play in making your marriage successful. 

After understanding the key elements that should make up your wedding vow, ensure that you make the vow early and avoid doing it at the last moment. Further, list all your ideas and thoughts, make three drafts, avoid including everything, get rid of words such as “never” or “always,” embrace sentimentality, chase after laughter, etc.


A wedding always represents a serious occasion but accompanied by laughter and joy. Similarly, you should treat your wedding vows with the same respect. Ensure its jovial, intimate, and above all, genuine to have the desired impact.

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