What to Know About Managing Talent

What to Know About Managing Talent

Managing talent and the best ways to do so change with the times. Back in the day, managing actors and musicians depended on having the right kinds of publicity and press releases. Today, there’s a little more involved in creating a household name. Learn what it takes and how new talent managers can find the best ways to help those they are representing.¬†

Managing With Social Media

Social media has become more popular than ever, even creating its own brand of celebrities, known as influencers. Talent managers need to understand what social media is, and why it is important. This can help them figure out the best platforms to put the talent they are managing on, and how to use their abilities to help them get noticed on this particular platform. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are the most popular, but many young celebrities are using other means too, such as Snapchat. 

With Social Media What to Know About Managing Talent

Knowing How to Manage Comes With Experience

Understanding how to manage talent comes with time and experience. Professional talent managers such as David Guillod know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a person will not become famous overnight. It takes time and energy to help individuals build upon their name, and help them find the right ways to get noticed. Anyone new to talent management should expect some trial and error as they help others shine in the spotlight.

social media manager What to Know About Managing Talent

Finding a Rhythm That Works

Over time, a combination of the right types of media tools and the ability to know what works and what doesn’t for a particular individual can help talent managers find ways to help their talent succeed. Using the right social media tools is one way to get someone’s name out there. Trial and error is part of any job, and talent management is no exception. Knowing what to expect can help someone new to the industry understand what they should do and look for when getting started.