Integrate wordpress forum plugin in your site with 7 Best wordpress community plugin

Wordpress forum plugin
Wordpress forum plugin


Forums are the best way for the discussion and are one the easiest way to form the community. Many people read a forum, as they gather much info about thing from it. This is one of the best places to discuss any topic that you are interested in and others can put their view on it. So when your website becomes popular people start shouting out for the community so you can integrate a forum by WordPress forum plugin into your existing website.

So when it comes to integrating the forum into your WordPress site there are many options that you find online are like:

  • Mingle forum
  • Bb press
  • Simple press and much more.

Top #7 WordPress Forum Plugins that help you with your website

The WordPress platform affirms forums, as most of the WordPress discussions are related to forums. Moreover, WordPress has a developed as a gigantic overall group where WordPress gathering assumes a crucial part in keeping and reinforcing it. So let us have a look on some of the WordPress Forum Plugin that could help us with building Forums.

#1 BBpress:


  • Built for WordPress and makes use of the same codings and standards of WordPress
  • Easy to integrate with any of the WordPress themes.
  • It is completely light in weight and swift as any other plugin


  • Not feature rich as full-fledged forum CMS

#2 Mingle wordpress forum plugin:

Mingle forum is the best one till now as others are not updated from a long time. So integrate a forum into your WordPress website with the best plugin that is Mingle forums. You can use it easily and has the easy & simple configuration as compared to others.

Integrate forum in your existing WordPress site with Mingle Forum Plugin

I prefer to Mingle forum plugin Because it is an open source software and lightweight software which is faster than any other forum plugin. Moreover, Mingle forum get more Positive feedback from their users. Even it supports Captcha, topics which are not recent, search and notification of email. let’s know how to integrate WordPress forum plugin –Mingle forum plugin into WordPress step by step.

  • First of all login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Then search the mingle forum plugin.
  • Secondly, Install and activate them.
  • Then you need to name it “Forum” or “Discussion” whatever you like before creating a page and add the code [mingleforum].

Then you have to proceed with the configuration of your newly created forum. At the left sidebar under your WordPress dashboard, you can see the “setting” from where you can easily access your mingle forum settings. You must change the SEO friendly URL’s otherwise the Default is the best. Before you make your forum live you must create a topic that you want to discuss.

Before you make your forum live you must create a topic that you want to discuss.


  • The Mingle theme is good to enough to work on most WordPress Themes.
  • It is flexible enough and appears good in both look and performance
  • User-friendly and easy to understand.


  • This isn’t an authority plugin, so its advancement relies upon Blair Williams the maker

#3 Buddy Press:


  • Provided with multiple plugins that extend functionality
  • Develops streams, user profiles, social connectivity and groups.
  • It is provided with points system to trigger user engagement.


  • It is quite tricky to move a BuddyPress site to another platform.

#4 CM Answers wordpress forum plugin:


  • Allows users to vote on FAQs
  • Integrates with any WordPress Theme.
  • Premium version provides added advantages like choosing the best answers, profiles and comments.


  • Your forum is limited to Q&A’s format.

#5 DW Question and Answer:


  • It gives you an SEO boost to your site through question category and tags.
  • Allows users to promote and comment.
  • Helpful and can be used as support forum


  • Limited to Question and Answers format

#6 WP Foro wordpress forum plugin:


  • WP Foro is compatible to all huge communities.
  • It provides different and eye-catching forum layouts.
  • Allows you to add and customize themes.


  • Social Networking buttons not available.

 #7 Forum Engine wordpress forum plugin:


  • It is designed with Forum Moderator in mind.
  • Keeps stuff simple, responsive and clean.
  • It is always good to buy the whole package.


  • You need to completely get access to the entire package.

The above-mentioned plugins are good enough and safe to handle. The top listing is one of the leading and widely used forum plugin that you could take quick access over it. You find easy support over the content if you find it difficult with the forum section.

If I have missed out any of the valuable or important wordpress forum plugin then let me know through your comments.