Choosing Headphones Over Earphones

Choosing Headphones Over Earphones

A pair of headphones can make or break your listening experience. For the casual listeners, headphones are key to pump them up for that intense training session at the gym or to keep their focus directed at work. For gamers, headphones are also key to performance. When you are playing a shooter game, hearing the directions from which footsteps or gunships are coming from can mean the difference of getting a kill or getting killed. For professionals in the music industry, headphones are just simply essential. Professional headphones like the Focal Utopia are perfect for high-fidelity products that offer superior listening quality to help musicians, DJs, and producers create masterpieces.


Why get headphones anyway? They are bulky, and they make you look like you belong in a 70s sci-fi movie. If you wear them at the gym, they will tend to accumulate sweat, and over time you can start smelling it. Well, for starters, headphones are portable, but they are not specifically designed for high physical activity. They are essentially a component of a portable recording studio and are meant for indoors. This feature is important for recording musicians or DJs that travel a lot. They can never know if they need to do an impromptu mix or record in a hotel room.

The padding in headphones is also more comfortable than your typical earphones. The ones from Focal Utopia, for example, has a carbon fibre headband that continuously bends for better comfort as well as security over different head shapes and sizes. Their padding also comes with memory foam and lambskin leather for superior comfort. When you are a musician, comfortable headphones are a must because you can be wearing them for hours.


Superior headphones do more than just comfortably deliver music to your ears. The quality of the music must also be top-notch. For example, the headphones’ circumoral design offers better noise cancellation from the outside environment. The open-back loudspeakers also have pure beryllium M-shaped domes that deliver sounds at high fidelity. The rigidity of beryllium is seven times that of titanium or aluminium. As a result, the sound waves propagate up to three times faster. Using this metal for the loudspeaker also offers a more realistic listening experience. This realistic experience is what professionals call soundstage. Beryllium can also cover over five octaves up to 40 kHz. Such a capability can allow for a better perception of micro details. It can make you feel as if the musicians themselves are live around you, and you can visually imagine them playing their instruments. All in all, these capabilities allow for better concentration on the sounds to which you are listening and are perfect for a musician who wants to point out even the most minute nuances in a track.

Headphones Over Earphones

Whether you are an amateur or professional in the music industry or just a casual lover of music, high-quality headphones can bring your listening experience to wider horizons. In this case, these horizons include quality, frequency, and comfort. Hours can fly by as you listen to music with a great pair of headphones, and at the end of that listening session, it will not even feel like you wore something around your head. Just as how a car is a transportation investment, or a gym membership is a health and fitness investment, high-quality headphones are a musical investment.

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