How To Do Free Credit Score Check Online ?

Free Credit Score Check Online
Free Credit Score Check Online


Earlier people were unaware of the credit score. But later with advancements in financial and business, people have started to understand the importance of credit score. Now let us have a look at how to do a free background check and how it affects the background check reports.

Let’s Get Started!

To address the need, in the long run, three credit agencies jumped up beginning with Equifax, Experian, and Others. Performing a background check on the credit report is a must. There are several causes of why to perform background checks on credit reports.

Request An Experian Credit Score Report For Screening:

It is possible to request a credit score report using an applicant’s name and email ID. Your expected customer could purchase the Experian credit report and grant private access. All these could be done through online using Experian Connect.

The Good News is Background credit score check does not affect the background score.

What Does An Experian Credit Background Report Have?

  • FICO assessment and Credit Score with up to 5 FICO rating factors.
  • Most ideal Name (with AKAs), Address (current/past) and Employer (current/past) on document
  • Record as a consumer with Account Payments (land/auto/spinning/portion/accumulation)
  • Possibly negative Public Record filings (liquidations/charge liens/abandonments/common judgement) )
  • Credit Inquiries (recent month) from banks, Visa applications, and individual advances.

How to Perform Credit Background Check?

Decide your Credit Agency to Run Credit Check:

Experian,, and are some of the agencies that offer tenant screening on behalf of landlords. Whereas, online provides many other options. When it comes to the company before you could surrender it to any other company you need to perform and credit check.

As you are about to perform a highly confidential information in which a wrong hand could steal your brand identity and might perform fraud with your name, which could be personally liable.

Run Credit Check:

Make use of the social security number and other information provided to perform a credit score check with the agency you choose. Some agencies may ask for tenant’s signed form approving credit check.

Now you could check your credit score on the following links:

What to Be Analyzed On A Credit Report?

On having the report of a credit check, look out for the following;

  • Chronic Late Payments
  • Unpaid Accounts
  • Bankruptcies
  • Eviction History (If Provided)
  • Judgments Against
  • A large amount of debt.

Tips to Run a Credit Score Check:

  1. It is good to run all possible credit checks and not just the ones who are suspect.
  2. You need to have your tenant’s written statement to run a credit check on them.
  3. Landlords must be approved by a screening agency to run a credit check.
  4. Screen all your applicants else you may be accused of discrimination.
  5. You need to send an “Adverse Action” Letter if you are refusing someone.
  6. Always try to follow the rules of Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  7. Try to have your documents in a secure place, preventing your tenant to accuse you of discrimination.
  8. Make sure that you approach a reputable credit agency to run the report.
  9. Do not confuse with background checks. As Background checks and credit checks are not the same.

On Reviewing a Negative Credit Report:

If your tenant’s negative report warns you, try making an inquiry on them. You could directly ask your tenant about it. There are chances of having mistakes that your tenant may not be aware of. A mate could have to keep running up obligation under their name or there could be false charges on the report that they are not by any means mindful of. It never damages to defy the occupant and tune in to their clarification.

Rejecting Bad Credits:

If the report has ended up with a negative credit about your tenant, and you have planned not to rent them, the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires you to follow certain steps.

  • You Need to mail an “Adverse Action” that you have declined the application due to negative credit.
  • Include the exact reason for rejection.
  • Provide the due details of the agency which provided you the credit report.
  • Inform them to request a free copy of the credit report from the agency within 60 days.

Willing to run a credit check on your tenant make sure that you stick up to the above-mentioned points to run a secure credit check over your tenants. Make sure that you follow the rules and regulations posed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and that you may not be accused of any cause.