How Long Should a Honda CR-V Car Battery Last?

How Long Should a Honda CR-V Car Battery Last?

In general, car batteries can last from 3-6 years. The life of a car battery can vary based factors like the battery type, the environment, and how the vehicle is driven. An easy way to find the right battery for a specific car is to shop by VIN number using the free VIN lookup offered by many auto parts websites. Using the right battery for the Honda CR-V and caring for it properly can increase the lifespan of the battery.

Honda CR-V Battery Lifespan How Long Should a Honda CR-V Car Battery Last?

Honda CR-V Battery Lifespan

Most Honda CR-Vs use Group 51R batteries. CR-Vs operating in colder environments sometimes use Group 35 batteries for their increased cranking power. While no battery has a set lifespan, there are a couple of ways consumers can get a general idea of how long their CR-V battery will last.

  1. Warranty: Automotive batteries should, at the very least, last the length of their warranties. Therefore, consumers can expect a battery with a 3-month warranty to last a minimum of three months, a 3-year warranty to last a minimum of three years, a 5-year warranty to last a minimum of five years, and so forth. Keep in mind that car battery cost may increase for batteries with longer warranties, but a longer warranty is worth it for longer battery life.
  2. Production Date: Batteries lose power while sitting on the store shelf. The longer a battery sits, the shorter its lifespan in a vehicle. The manufacture date is listed on the battery using character and number code that represents the month and year of production as follows:
  3. Character code: A = January, B = February, C = March, D = April, F = May, G = June, H = July, I = August,  J= September, K = October, L = November, M = December.
  4. Number Code: 8 = 2018, 9 = 2019, 0 = 2020, and so forth.

Based on this, the code J9 would mean the battery in question was produced in September of 2019. Buying a battery with a production date closest to the day of purchase allows the consumer to get the most life from the battery.

free battery testing How Long Should a Honda CR-V Car Battery Last?

Increasing Honda CR-V Battery Lifespan

Increasing the life of a battery, or just ensuring it works properly, is easily accomplished with these tips:

  • Have batteries tested and cleaned annually
  • Check battery cables and tighten loose cables with every oil change
  • Charge the battery completely before using the vehicle
  • Turn off electronics like radios and air conditioners when the car isn’t running

While proper maintenance can help batteries last longer, it won’t make them last forever.  Because of this, it’s equally important to know when to replace a car battery.  The best way to determine if a new battery is needed is to be aware of the age of the battery and perform regular battery tests.

Once the battery has passed the warranty period, increase the frequency of battery tests. DIYers can purchase a quality battery tester from a trusted auto parts store, and for those not so mechanically inclined, auto parts stores often offer free battery testing.

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