How to get cheapest travel insurance

Finding the cheapest travel insurance is a priority for many families travelling abroad, especially: over 65’s, travellers with pre-existing medical conditions, people travelling to America and those going on winter sports holidays. Holiday insurance is particularly important for these categories of traveller due to the associated risk. Failing to search the market for the cheapest and most comprehensive multi-trip travel insurance can substantially increase holiday costs.

Shop around to Get the Cheapest Travel Insurance

Many consumers buy travel insurance directly from the travel agent or bank because it is more convenient. However, they are invariably vastly more expensive. The cheapest travel insurance is generally found by shopping about or using online comparison services, such as and These allow a consumer to trawl the entire market for the least expensive holiday insurance.

Multi-trip Travel Insurance for Regular Travellers

Choosing single trip travel insurance is wasteful for those regularly travelling abroad. Consumers that travel regularly will save money buying multi-trip travel insurance. It is like going to the supermarket; there are better deals available on multi-buy purchases. Family holiday insurance is no different and paying up-front reduces the average cost of being insured for each trip, especially when travelling to the US.

Buy Family Holiday Insurance for Family Holidays

Just as buying single trip travel insurance is a bad idea for regular travellers, paying for family members separately is more costly. Those seeking the cheapest travel insurance should always buy family holiday insurance to cover everyone collectively. It not only saves money, it simplifies things. Trying to understand multiple insurance policies in the event of a medical emergency can prove difficult.

Travel Insurance from Specialist Insurers

Over 65’s and those with pre-existing medical conditions are likely to find that the cheapest travel insurance is only available from specialist insurers. Senior citizens travelling abroad should consider buying holiday insurance from Those with pre-existing medical conditions can save money buying holiday insurance from

There is no substitute for planning and preparation. Always use an online comparison service to identify the cheapest travel insurance. If travelling abroad as a family, buy family holiday insurance to save money. Over 65’s and individuals with pre-existing medical conditions can reduce holiday costs by purchasing holiday insurance from a specialist insurer.

Those that found this article useful may also be interested in taking out critical illness insurance or life insurance to protect their families. Taking out pet insurance can, in certain instances, help save families thousands of pounds in veterinary bills.

What is Single Trip Travel Insurance

Many people opt to take out single trip travel insurance when they go on holiday. This kind of policy is set up to cover a specific break for a set period of time. When is one trip insurance the right choice and what are its advantages and disadvantages? How can consumers make sure to save as much money as possible and find a cheap single trip travel insurance policy?

What is Single Trip Travel Insurance

This product gives travel insurance protection for a single trip or holiday. It can be set up to cover an individual, couple, family or even by a group of people against problems with their health, travel arrangements and possessions. A policy will be costed on a base level by destination, dates of travel and the number of people that need to be insured.

The type of holiday that is taken and the people traveling may also have a bearing on this kind of policy. For example, those taking more active holidays (such as skiing or snowboarding) will either need specialist policies or additional features written into a standard one to get the protection they need.

The age and medical history of the individual(s) to be insured may also dictate the kind of single trip policy that should be purchased. Seniors/pensioners and those with pre-existing medical conditions may need to look for specialist options as they may not be covered by regular policies.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Trip Insurance

For some, taking out a policy on a per trip basis is the most cost effective way to get insurance. For example, those that only plan on taking one holiday a year may find this the cheapest way to get the travel policy that they need.

They will also solely pay for the cover they need for the time that they need it. Some multi trip policies may put a limit on the number of days that can be insured for a single holiday at a time. Those taking longer breaks may, therefore, find it easier to set up a one trip option.

But, single trip policies may not suit everyone. Those that may take multiple holidays every year may find it cheaper to look at alternative solutions such as annual multi-trip policies. This may also allow more flexibility for last minute breaks and spur of the moment breaks as policies won’t need to be arranged at the last minute.

How to Find the Cheapest Single Trip Travel Policy

The quickest and easiest way to find the cheapest travel policy for a single trip is to shop around and compare costs. This can be easily done online by using insurance comparison sites that bring together policies and their costs from different companies in one place. Those looking for a cheap single trip product may find that this helps them save some money.