What Music Really Brings to Your Video

What Music Really Brings to Your Video

There’s no denying the fact that editing videos involves a huge amount of time and effort. It can be equal parts frustration and reward, and thus it often requires a great deal of patience and dedication to see the project through. While some of the issues that editors come across have to do with software or hardware problems, there are just as many issues that have to do with perspective and inspiration. You can have all the very best pieces of software in the world running on the best hardware – and know exactly what you’re doing – but if you don’t have the right mix of passion, focus and perspective, you can run into problems and lose momentum.

For some, even once the bulk of the video editing is complete, problems arises when it comes to working out what kind of music to use. From the atmosphere to the pacing, there’s a lot to consider. To make things easier, those who use Final Cut Pro can utilise the Final Cut Pro Music plugin from FCP Audio that  allows you to manage the audio as you would the effects on your video.

It isn’t just about choosing a track – it’s about conveying a message

Think about the songs that you would consider to be your favourites. Why are those specific songs your preferences? It might be because the song has a message that you believe in, or maybe the melody is so impressive that you can’t help but be blown away by it. When you think about why you love your favourite songs, most of the time it’s because of how it makes you feel.

It’s the same way when it comes to choosing the right accompanying track for a video you’re editing. What exactly do you want to tell your audience? If your video has a specific theme, it can narrow down the options of tracks that you can use. It’s because the music is just as integral to conveying your message as the video itself. After all, your favourite songs don’t need a video to make you feel what it’s all about.

The right music can dictate the pace and atmosphere of your video

While the video still plays a huge part in the editing process, music is just as important. The tracks that you use to accompany your video are all tools to help the audience feel exactly how you want them to feel. The reason why editors recommend the music plugin of Final Cut Pro X is that not only does it have full musical scores, it also has tracks showcasing the individual instruments. Subtlety can make all the difference when it comes to music in a video, simultaneously giving your video more impact while making it a little easier to work on it.

To conclude, it truly can’t be overstated what music can bring to your video. It’s why perspective and inspiration play such significant parts when it comes to choosing the correct tracks for your video. Hopefully, this provides some insight and helps you convey the message you want to show your audience through your video.