What is chocolate teen yoga, where is it Found

What is chocolate teen yoga, where is it Found

Chocolate teen yoga – Combining the senses of taste, touch and smell with the physical and spiritual aspects of teen yoga practice completes a circle of experience. Chocolatier Katrina Markoff of Vosges Haut-Chocolat with yogi David Romanelli combined their talents in 2004 to introduce the first chocolate teen yoga retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico. Its ongoing survival and manifold imitators are indicators of the success. There are now weekend workshops and retreats.

Anything connected with teen yoga tends to take on an allure of the spiritual and a mind body connection but alongside many yoga practices is a business and entrepreneurship. Teen yoga is no different.

The Chocolate and Teen Yoga

The chocolate introduced in the original yoga chocolate session is fine and exotic chocolate created with a fusion of flavors and spices, such as curry, cheese, and other taste sensations not typically associated with chocolate, such as bacon chocolate. The teen yoga is also a fusion of styles and music not always associated with traditional yoga such as the music of the Grateful Dead. Both chocolate and yoga are associated with health and well-being.

The Original Chocolate Teen Yoga of Yeahdavid

David Romanelli’s Chocolate Teen Yoga sessions are either a vinyasa workout with chocolate at the conclusion or a stretch session also ending with chocolate. Students claim to work up a sweat and feel enlivened. The chocolate only adds to the heightened feeling of being.

Two-Hour Vinyasa

The practice is open to beginners and advanced alike. After the teen yoga, fine chocolates from Vosgues haut Chocolat are sampled. The yoga is fused with fashion and music. The chocolate is a fusion of flavors. All are then fused into this popular class.

The Chocolate Chakra Tour

This is a two-hour deep stretch where YeahDave reviews the Chakras to the yoga students who hold various postures for several moments. The after-class chocolates are to coincide with and to stimulate the chakras.

Additional Chocolate Teen Yoga Workshops

Although David Rominelli of Yeahdave originated the concept, there is no monopoly on who might offer such a class.

  • Mimi Cukier offers a chocolate to taste after each chakra advising visualization of what is in the chocolate by tasting it on the tip of the tongue.
  • The Starfish Reef in the Caribbean posts on their web of hosting chocolate yoga retreats but also is looking for yoga instructors.
  • Pranalife Yoga also schedules chocolate and yoga retreats.
  • Positivetouch morphed the chocolate yoga experience to yoga belly dance and chocolate.
  • Check with a favorite Chocolatier or yoga studio for other local sessions or consider a home variation.

Teen Yoga and Wine: Variations on a Theme

Chocolate teen yoga’s popularity inspired seemingly natural offshoots of yoga, chocolate, and wine. Yoga and Wine debuted in Sonoma in 2006

  • David Romanelli and Angela Gargano of blissflowyoga website created a successful wine and yoga seminar/retreat that has since gone international. Chocolate yoga is also part of this.
  • DeLoach Vineyards of Sonoma County, California has taken the theme of yoga and wine to monthly retreats.
  • Wineandyoga website developed by an ex-marine female yoga instructor named Sarah centers around a pre-organized class to which the instructor and wine will arrive. The description is of combing two fruitful traditions. The class is composed of invitees similar to other home-style theme parties where something is sold.

David Rominelli has stayed above the pack and now introduces Jam Session: Yoga for Foodies. Rominelli’s latest new fusion: Yoga for Foodies Tour will be held in various cities throughout the country and throughout the year.

Whether one wants wine with yoga or to pay $35-$50 for a chocolate yoga class is an individual choice but yoga has become widespread. Like cars, many brands and styles are out there. There is something for everyone.

What to Wear for Yoga Events for Men and Women

Men and women new to yoga events often wonder how to dress for class. Beginners don’t want to stand out in jeans and halter tops. Typically the material for yoga garments will be cotton or wick absorbent. Nylon tends to be too warm. Layers aren’t necessary. Hemp is marketed to yoga aficionados because of its natural state, but it wrinkles easily and can feel rough on some skin types. The market for organic cotton is flourishing, although the cost may be higher than for simple cotton. Fabric with some stretch is nice in the fitted line. Preshrunk is preferable. Be aware that the clothing will go through multiple washes and change its original form. Colors range from black or white to combinations. Neon isn’t popular in yoga events. Clothing should be comfortable and fitted but allow for movement.

Yoga Tops for Comfort and Movement

Hot yoga events require somewhat less clothing than Hatha Yoga Events due to the extreme heat in the studio. Sleeveless tops with low, non-binding necks or bra tops are best for women. Men can go shirtless or wear a sleeveless T.

Men and women are usually wearing tops in other types of yoga. Not everyone feels comfortable in body hugging shirts (although the general truth is no one is or should be looking at what anyone else is wearing). The shirt should not be so baggy as to flutter over the face during inversions. An advantage of a fitted top is that the instructor is able to see what the body is doing or how it is aligned.

A slightly longer top which can be tucked into the bottoms or rests firmly over the abdominals is appealing to those who don’t wish a public view of not-yet-firmed belly rolls.

Pants and Yoga Bottoms

Avoid too full a bell-bottom. Elastic cuffs can bind as the leg or ankle swells with heat. Pants that are too tight may ride up the leg or down the buttocks when jumping through downward dog to a seated position. Fleece sweat pants soon become to warm in a studio room.

Drawstring pants with floppy long ties can catch on things or loosen spontaneously. Needing to adjust clothing during class interferes with concentration and movement.

Shorts or Capri-like sweat pants are ideal. If too loose, they will roll back when lifting legs into the air. Standing and raising the leg in balancing poses with bunched up material makes the movement more difficult and the balance more elusive.

Hair Styles for Yoga Events

Short hair is ideal for both men and women. Long hair needs to be pulled back into a pony tail, but the bulk may need to shifted onto the top of the head when lying flat or the back of the head when moving into a headstand. Clips can be removed to let the hair down when doing floor work or tied back when needed.

Eyeglasses and Jewelry in Yoga Events

Wear a secure pair of eyeglasses. Don’t have a tie around the neck to hold the glasses. Decide prior to class if the glasses will remain on or if they are needed at all. If they end up being removed during class, have a bright visible case to protect them from being stepped on by an instructor who roves around the room teaching or adjusting, or by movements during class.

Jewelry should be simple if needed. Post earrings don’t catch on things or hair the way hoops or dangling earrings might. Rings may interfere with spreading the fingers or grasping the ground. Belly rings aren’t recommended, nor are loose chains about the neck.

Most studios have a place for shoes and purses and other miscellany brought to class. Cell phones should be off. No one wants to think that ring interrupting the final savasana came from his or her cell phone.

Once the poses are familiar and the movements are second nature, clothing choice is an extension of the wearer.