Pastor Chris and Marital Roles: Husband and Wife Roles in Married Life

Pastor Chris and Marital Roles
Pastor Chris and Marital Roles


Pastor Chris and Marital Roles:

Feminists of the Christian faith who come from Nigeria aren’t exactly too happy at the moment. Who exactly is the source of their unhappiness? That person is a pastor by the name of Chris Oyakhilome. This pastor said something that these feminists believe strongly is untrue. They think that Pastor Chris’ comment is misleading and doesn’t reflect the content of the Bible. He said that husbands in marriage aren’t partners to their wives. He said that they actually are their wives’ masters. Pastor Chris said that many issues arise in unions due to the fact that women simply aren’t aware of their true marital roles. He thinks that marriages would benefit from a stronger grasp of male and female roles and how they work. Pastor Chris doesn’t think that marriage and gender equality are things that go hand in hand. That, in a nutshell, is why Christian feminists in Nigeria are frustrated with this individual. This pastor wants women to take the time to learn the ins and outs of their husbands. He says that men are 100 percent in charge of their unions. He, because of that, thinks that it’s entirely up to women to figure out how their husbands tick. He thinks that they should take the time to assess their husbands’ brains, requirements and wants. He doesn’t think that men, however, should take the time to figure out how their wives operate.


Feminists have many issues with Pastor Chris’ approach. This is an individual who endorses the concept of authority in marriage. He wants women to fully acknowledge the authority that males have in marital situations. He wants them to acknowledge the fact that they do not have any authority whatsoever in marital situations. He thinks that women who are reluctant to abide by marital authority are behaving in controversial and problematic manners. He indicates that God will not tolerate that kind of behavior in any way. This pastor thinks that God views this behavior as being totally improper.


Pastor Chris says that the existence of all women is the result of man. He indicates that God did not initially plan on making women come to life. He firmly believes that that’s the full truth. This man thinks that God created women to respond to men’s requirements. God did not want the men of the planet to have to be all by themselves all of the time. That’s the reason the concept of women popped into God’s head. Pastor Chris clarifies the distance between the words “lonely” and “alone” as well. He thinks that women were designed to keep men company. He doesn’t think that they were designed to prevent men from feeling intense emotions such as loneliness. Pastor Chris believes that “lonely” and “alone” are ideas that are miles apart. Men are never lonely on this planet. They can, though, be on their own. That signifies the concept of “alone.”


This pastor says that smart women have the ability to affect the men in their lives. He says that women who aren’t too smart, however, are a whole other situation. He says that women who aren’t intelligent generally bother and irk the men they’re around on a regular basis. This pastor isn’t fond of women who have the ability to make their husbands feel irritated, either. He thinks that women who enrage their husbands actually victimize themselves. He believes strongly that women who do things that infuriate their husbands are hurting themselves more than anyone else. Women who are passionate about feminism in Nigeria, as a result, do not want to hear any additional comments from him.


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