Add domain to hosting – how to host a website

Add domain to hosting
Add domain to hosting

If you want to add domain to hosting and don’t know how to do? Then this article “how to host a website” is especially for you.

Self-hosted platforms allow you to use your own web hosting space and name for your website. There are tons of website available on the internet which provide both hosting and domain like GoDaddy, Bigrock, and many others But some people like to take both services from different providers and then they face problems in linking domain with other company hosting provider. so here we are with the solution how to add domain to hosting.

how to host a website
add domain to hosting

How to host a website – Add domain to hosting

Starting your self-hosted website is not a difficult task. If you are a newbie in this field then you may face problem in linking you domain with host provider because in this we have to do some changes in DNS settings to turn domain from parked to working condition. Let’s know how to add domain to hosting:

  • Go to your domain provider website and log in there.
  • Click on my services and there you will your parked domain which is not in working condition.
  • Open Manage DNS of that domain, domain setting will be open. There you will find the option “Nameservers”
  • After clicking on Nameserver settings, you have to click on the option Custom Nameservers.
  • In that nameserver’s field, you have to enter nameserver details which are provided by your host provider.
  • After updating nameserver details in your domain provider. Click on Save button.
  • Now, you have to update “A” record in which we connect the domain to hosting’s IP i.e. Internet Protocol.
  • Click on DNS Zone File after saving nameserver.
  • In the “Edit Zone Record,” you have to paste of your hosting by removing the IP that is currently there in the “Point to” option. Save after doing this.
Add domain to hosting
Add domain to hosting

All done! Now your Domain is linked to hosting. If still, you are facing issue regarding this, then feel free to ask us in a comment section.